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    christianmagill reacted to Andrew in Get autocomplete suggestions from external source?   
    @Ben Hull Take a look at the Script Filter workflow object which is designed for this purpose:
    The JSON format to show items in Alfred is defined here:
    Your script would be responsible for caching the data from your website, but you could select the option to have Alfred filter the results, which would leave you with simply loading the JSON, saving it locally, and then returning it to Alfred.
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    christianmagill reacted to vitor in Search for file in Alfred and send to an Open File dialog without mouse?   
    Not finding it now, but I know there’s a Workflow in this forum which uses GUI automation to do just that.
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    christianmagill got a reaction from bmamlin in Itunes Mini Player - Shuffle Selected Playlist via Modifier Key   
    There are some playlists that I like to listen to shuffled.
    It would be nice to enable shuffling on a selected playlist by using a modifier key such as shift.
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    christianmagill reacted to scruffyfox in RVM support   
    I noticed that ruby scripts in workflows don't work properly when /usr/bin/ruby is set and the default ruby is RVM, it still tries to use the system Ruby
    Would be great to be able to add custom script environments and interpreter locations
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