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  1. How about Visual Foxpro? Just kidding. That is what I was working in when I quit the programmer world. A great language but it didnt fit with MS business model that promoted the crappy Access on everyone's desktop instead. What Python framework do you use? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks! Need to bare down and learn workflows. Nice to have this very useful example. It answers my immediate need. Is learning python a necessity? Are other languages used for workflows? Would Apple Script work too?
  3. I havent had the time or energy to dig into workflow. In a workflow you can enter any ad hoc dynamic value?
  4. After I hit the hot-key to open the Alfred command prompt, I want to be able to enter dynamic content scripts there. I hope I am using the right terminology for this. So for example, I am working in a word processor document and I want to enter a calculated date in the future: I hit the Alfred hot-key and I enter {date:long +2y +3M +1d:EEEE} at the prompt, and the calculated date is placed in the document. No need to place it in a script.
  5. In addition to entering dynamic content into scripts it would be much more useful to be able to enter them on the fly. For example I need to create a date 1 year, 2 months and 1 day in the future on the fly I can do that. No need to create and save a script.
  6. When I copy items Cmd-C it is frequently concatenating the latest copied item to the previously copied item instead of creating a new item. Paste Cmd-V then pastes the concatenated item instead of the individual item. Alfred 4.3 Build 1205, Monday 14th December 2020 Catalina 10.15.7
  7. Alfred's clipboard history is appearing correctly (v2.8.3 (435)) but I cant access it because of a Mac OS (11.4) bug which is causing the clipboard to fail. I can save but not paste. I have tried the launchctl stop/start com.apple.pboard "fix" that I read somewhere. It works sometimes. Perhaps Alfred could just bypass Apple's buggy clipboard and implement their own. It would save a lot of frustration. Do you have a trick for getting something out of Alfred's clipboard history, bypassing the Mac clipboard? Or a fix for the Mac clipboard? I cant get a 40 digit software license out of the history except by pencil and paper. Btw, is the bug report forum closed?
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