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  1. Well, TBH, if I had an option to just have it background download and let me trigger a restart with the keyword, that would be even more awesome, because it saves me the delay.
  2. Hey. The new notification for updates on the alfred box is cool, but the implementation is pretty interrupting. Right now I see it when I pop up Alfred to do something, so I end up doing this: 1. Pop up Alfred, spot the notification, but already a bit into what I was trying to do. 2. Finish typing whatever, open the app, file, or workflow. 3. Hopefully remember the update when I am done with the current context. 4. Open alfred with the keyboard 5. Use the mouse to click the update notification. 6. Use the mouse to click the update button in the preferences. 7. Wait. 8. Click again to relaunch. That's cool, but really quit intrusive. I would much rather this flow: 1. Pop up alfred, spot the notification 2. Finish tying whatever I opened Alfred to do. 3. pop up alfred 4. type "update <return>" 5. do whatever I was doing ...and Alfred is silently updated in the background without bothering me. Maybe opening the changes in the background or something to let me know what changed, but otherwise just staying out of the way.
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