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  1. I have a workflow where some AppleScript generates a full path to a .md file, to which I want to append some text. The full workflow relies on using the Hook.app, and Vitor Galvao's "Recent Downloads" script (https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/tree/master/RecentDownloads) The AppleScript returns a full POSIX File name (i.e: /Users/paul/Projects/wrk/new project/new project) without the file extension, which I store in a variable named "project" I then have an "Append To File" action, using {var:project}.md as the file name. This works per
  2. Oh wow! Thanks! That'll save me some mind numbing slog. To give you an example of my own script-fu, I've just spent 2 hours figuring out how to pass arguments properly to the "Run Script" action in Alfred Workflow ... EDIT: for future reference (mine, specially) - don't forget to set "Argument Optional" in the script filter or the list of files won't appear
  3. Hi Vitor, I've made very good use of your workflow in conjunction with the Hook App. I have it index a folder with a bunch of files that point to all of my projects, and voila - instant project management tool! I just need to figure out an option to list the files simply in alphabetical order and I'll be happy. If you're interested, here is the small post i made about using your worfkflow: https://discourse.hookproductivity.com/t/using-hook-files-to-maintain-a-list-of-current-projects/2884?u=seishonagon Thanks!
  4. I have had a very similar issue, with a similar resolution: projects folder with 3 subfolders: pnl, tpl, wrk wrk and tpl can be reached with Alfred using the ' shortcut. pnl can't. pnl passes the "troubleshooting" step with all green checkmarks pnl can be reached by navigating from ~/Documents ... in Alfred moving pnl out of projects and into ~/Documents solves the issue. moving pnl back into projects, issue stays solved ... I don't know how to check if spotlignt has indexed the files or not, but for the record, this was an upgra
  5. I'm not a programmer but I play one at work ...

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