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  1. I was wondering, since Spotlight get it right, maybe there is another way to get the active screen right? What do you think?
  2. Ugh Apple... Thank you Andrew for your answer! I was thinking it was something like that.
  3. Here is the video: This screen is the attached screen connected with DisplayPort to a MacBook Pro 13" early 2015, defined as second screen in System Preferences > Display > Arrangment When the mouse stops, I hit the combinaison of keys to show Alfred, but it shows on the main screen even if the active window is the fullscreen one under the mouse on second screen. It happens with any application in fullscreen, here I tried with iTerm and iTunes Most of the time, I use the keyboard to switch from one app to the other, so the mouse stays on main screen but active windows is o
  4. In apperance > Options > Show Alfred on with OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 with Alfred 2.8.1 when I select active screen, it doesnt work properly with full screen apps (whichever). Any plan to fix that?
  5. Hi everybody, Just wanted to share this little custom web search, very useful if you live in Curitiba. Alfred + Urbs + line number alfred://customsearch/URBS%20horario%20de%20onibus%20para%20a%20linhea%20%7Bquery%7D/urbs/ascii/noplus/http://www.urbs.curitiba.pr.gov.br/horario-de-onibus/{query} Best! Ola tudo mundo, Só queria compartilhar uma search personalizada que pode ser muito útil sé vc viva em Curitiba. Só entra urbs y o numero da linha, é abri a pagina com todos os horários desse ônibus. Alfred + Urbs + line number alfred://customsearch/URBS%20horario
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