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  1. Yeah, unfortunately. And I'm not using a recent enough version of Alfred to use that workflow.
  2. Hi there, I'm having trouble getting Alfred to show my bookmarks. I have bookmarks turned on in Alfred prefs. It was working before. What other info is needed to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  3. Resolved. Looks like a new Adobe CC update created a new file type for InDesign files.
  4. There are some files on my system that Spotlight can find, but Alfred can't. Alfred CAN see - Other files of this filetype - Other files in the same folder as these files Help!
  5. Thank you, that solved it! My Alfred shortcut conflicted with my "toggle input source" shortcut.
  6. Title says it all. I have a "Force keyboard layout…" option set in Alfred's preferences, but Alfred is ignoring it.
  7. @Vero Thanks. Two things. First, I have only selected what I need. Second, it shouldn't matter. Alfred shouldn't randomly escalate low-score results to the top of the list? @Andrew Thanks, this helps. Not a great UX, but I can live with it.
  8. Hi again guys, I'm having another, related problem. When I type in the exact keywords for some of my web searches, the web searches will be WAY down in the results sometimes (like #20 or below) beneath apps and things I never use.
  9. Thanks. Do I trigger it just by typing the keyword in Alfred, then?
  10. Is this something I can activate from within the Alfred search only, or does it have to be tied to a universal hotkey? (I don't want a universal hotkey.) Otherwise, that would be great. Thanks
  11. Thanks, Andrew. What leads you to believe that the metadata is only working intermittently?
  12. Hi Andrew, just wanted to follow up on this. As I wrote above, I had already tried what you suggested.
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