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    jackbrannen reacted to Vero in "Force keyboard layout" not working   
    @jackbrannen Take a look at this page, as you need to ensure that there aren't conflicting options set in System Preferences:
    Provide more details on the options set in Sys Prefs and in any keyboard-modifier apps you've got running if you're still not seeing the expected behaviour, as this feature hasn't changed in a long time and should work exactly as expected
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    jackbrannen reacted to Andrew in Fuzzy matching doesn’t work (?) as expected   
    Fuzzy matching only applies to applications and preferences, files do word based matching but not fuzzy otherwise the results become overwhelming and therefore inaccurate.
    If you are launching Production Calendar quite a bit and would like 'pc' to match, you could add a Spotlight Comment, which Alfred also matches against
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    jackbrannen reacted to Vero in Alfred can't see one particular folder   
    Hi Jack, sorry for the slow reply! 
    Could you please try renaming your folder, leaving it a moment, then renaming it to its original name? If it isn't turning up in search results, there may be some metadata missing for it and renaming it will force OS X to reindex it.
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