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  1. Hi, 1) The version of outlook is 15.9 2) The name is Microsoft Outlook.app 3) Microsoft Outlook is setup as default email client. It works when I type: "email test@gmail.com" - it opens Microsoft Outlook with new window with email. But still, when I choose a command "email to" after the file search - the system re-focus to Microsoft Outlook app, but nothing happens.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to send a document via email thru Alfred. My default email client is Outlook. But it doesn't show a new email window when I try to do it. See a video here: https://db.tt/gHVeDDMO My steps: 1) Find a document 2) Right arrow to show a list of options 3) Choose "Email" 4) My email tool is shown up, but doesn't generate a new email window, neither offering to send this document in attachment. Thanks, Alexander
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