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  1. Great, this works! Thank you! Ands I learned some thing about programming. This looks 'easy'
  2. Hello. Thank you. I understand what you are saying. This is the app we are referring to: https://cdn-desktop.tunein.com/release/TuneIn-1.19.0.dmg or https://tunein.com/ to go to the website. The workflow I have now, only starts the app. But it would be nice to toggle play/pauze. Maybe it isnt even possible, because the app itself doesnt have a shortcut key to use for that.
  3. I would love to do the same thing. Is there somebody who could explain how to 'send' a command to an app? (in this case the tune in app)
  4. Thank you a lot! Works like a charm. Alfred and the people who develop these awesome workflows rock!
  5. Hello, Like many of you i use Telegram to text with my friends. I tried to create a workflow to send a message to a friend via Alfred, but i am not a technical guy. Tried to copy some code from similar workflows (for example for sending iMessage to contacts), but i just can't do it. Maybe someone is interested in creating one? The way i see it how it could work is to type "tele" and then the name of a friend (connected to your adressbook so you don't have to type the full name) and then the message. That way you never have to leave what you are working on to send just a text via
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