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  1. perhaps this is the link http://blog.kudusch.de/?post=6
  2. Excellent! Would be great if it showed you a list of all installed applications after the "uninstall" keyword is used.
  3. It would be great if this feature were implemented similar to github which parses a README.md file and provides support or Markdown. The documentation could be more verbose and better organised. Also I like the idea of an "info" button which calls a slider from the bottom over the current implementation of a readme tab. IMO it's much more appealing to want to take action on.
  4. Description Generate an Evernote List of Movies and TV Shows that you can watch later from files on your computer. Easily keep track of where you are up to. Requires Evernote Account Evernote Desktop Client - In order to load the videos directly from the Note How to Use Formats File Firstly let's look at the formats file. Type everlistformats in Alfred. This will open the formats file which contains a list of file extensions that EverList will search for. It is pre-populated with a comprehensive list of video and audio file extensions. Feel free to edit this list as required Configura
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