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  1. [update: Oops, I corrected the link to the video demo] Vero, Thanks so much for your response and experiment! Sorry for the long delay, I was traveling abroad. < If the hotkey itself isn't triggering a paste, it's likely that the Cmd + V action performed by the workflow is triggering another script/workflow/app. That's what I thought as well. Please take a peek at my own experiment. I've prepared a short video exploring this possibility. It has three steps. (1) Set the flow to "Automatically paste to front most app”, then invoke the hotkey in Pages Result: Double-pasted text (2) Just use Cmd + V itself to see if that causes the problem, or invokes another flow or app Result: Correctly pasted text with no duplication ​ The text was already on the clipboard from Step 1. No other flow or app seems to be being invoked by Cmd + V (3) Edit the flow and uncheck "Automatically paste to front most app”, then invoke the hotkey in Pages Result: Nothing at all is copied. It does not seem to be another workflow or application based on the results. What are your thoughts? Please click here to see the video. Appreciatively, -- Chad
  2. Able to replicate: Yes, every time Alfred Version: Version 2.7.1, April 15, 2015 OS X Version: Version 10.10.4 Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new workflow by clicking the "+" button 2. Templates->Clipboard->Paste text clip from hotkey 3. Assign a hotkey 4. Open the block "Copy to clipboard" Enter any text you want to be pasted when invoking the hotkey Check "Automatically paste to front most app" 5. Save 6. Go to any text area or text app and invoke the hotkey 7. The text is copied in twice 8. Uncheck "Automatically paste to from most app" 9. Nothing is pasted, so I'm assuming there is no other script running which my account for the duplication You can see the steps to reproduce the issue here https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y3sexj02jir16r/Duplicate%20pasting.pdf?dl=0 Thanks so much for your help! Most appreciatively, -- Chad
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