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  1. nope... I've never had any luck with those with mounted drives. My alfred scripting knowledge is pretty basic.... edit - done a quick look. File filters seems for opening specific files, which we don't want, we want to open the folder. I'm probably missing something. Script Filters - if I read it correctly - convert your input into a result built from json data? doesn;t seem right
  2. Short version Is there an equivalent to terminal's compgen autocomplete in runscript? Long version I work in an office with a shared NAS drive. All our clients take a very specific folder structure. It's kind of a pain in the ass to jump to a particular clients folder as we multi-task a lot. All our client folders start with the first four letters of the client name as a client code. So Super Dooper Client would be SUPE_Super Dooper Client - which is cool for autocompletion as it always knows where to go, since no two are the same (by chance to be fair, we've had to use acronyms for a couple, but we can remember those) I've written this script in terminal to jump to the right folder, but it leaves me with an annoying terminal window open. I don't want to quit terminal completely, just close the active window. I can't see how to do that (I've tried quit and exit, neither worked) - but I did see I should probably use a Run Script. Problem is I can't get the compgen autocomplete to work. Here's the code: src="{query}" //first go the right folder - an automatically mounted AFP drive cd /Volumes/Files/Clients/; //now automatically complete the file name from the 4 letter code I've typed in as the a query //this is the bit that doesn't work in a run script folder=$(compgen -d {query}_); //set the target folder target="/Volumes/Files/Clients/$folder" // go to it cd "$target" //open it open . thanks!
  3. You are bang on the money there - wrike it is. I've just disabled it briefly and it seems to work! Thanks Rodger!
  4. yep - doesn't work for me - same deal! Would be interested to see if its just me. -- edit -- just testing a clickabe link: mailto:test@example.com thought so - doesn't work as a clickable link either
  5. HI Sending an email doesn't seem to work. The search element works fine, but when I hit return on a contact it switches to my mail app and doesn't open a new email. This happens if I hit return on starting a blank email or if I have found a contact with Alfred and hit return. In both instances mail becomes the active app, but nothing happens, no new mail is started. I'm on the latest version of Alfred. I'm using Yosemite 10.10.3 (14D136), and Mac Mail Version 8.2 (2098) as my default mail client. thanks
  6. I didn't know you could set multiple tags at once - its a good workaround - thanks. Would still be interested in a more programatic solution though. thanks
  7. Filth! I think that might be a bit annoying, I have about 100 folders! I like the lateral thinking though.
  8. Hi! I'm an alfred noob, and not much of a programmer - so I was wondering if someone could help. I'm looking for a way to search top level folders in a specific directory only - and exclude its children - I'm guessing with a script filter. Context - We do a lot of development locally and I am often having to type in http://localhost/foldername to open the local instance of a website. Because there are so many its a bit of a pain in the proverbial. I've managed to cobble together a script that searches my localhost folder and opens the folder name (as $filename) at http://localhost/$filename I'm using the file filter, which returns all the sub folders in my localhost - I'm guessing I need to write a script filter that ignores sub folders and only looks for top-level directories in the localhost directory. thanks!
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