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  1. I am using the latest version of Yosemite and Alfred. I first noticed this problem a while ago while using sublime text, but simply assumed it was an OS X bug and didn't even think of Alfred as a possible culprit. Finally decided to look into the issue though, and I think it is being caused by the Alfred File Selection Hotkey feature. The Issue: In some applications outside of Alfred (Sublime Text & Finder to be more specific, I haven't noticed it happening anywhere else yet), pressing the File Selection Hotkey will perform an unexpected action, in my case the "Copy" command (or whatever command is bound to CMD + C for that application, e.g. In Sublime it copies the currently selected text, but in finder it copies the currently selected file). I have my File Selection Hotkey set to CMD double tapped, but have tried setting it to different combinations and it still doesn't work. When I remove the file selection hotkey, the problem no longer occurs. Can anyone help me out? To be honest its actually not much of an inconvenience, just annoying when I overwrite my clipboard history accidentally while hitting back-to-back keyboard shortcuts. If I change the hotkey to double-tap shift it is actually sort of useful. I really just want to know why its happening, I can't seem to find anything about it online and that always drives me nuts. Thanks!
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