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  1. I gave up on this workflow [because I was too lazy to figure out what was up] a while back when I got this error: Ultimately, I migrated to Rdio for a while. I'm back to Spotify though. Launching the workflow, I got the error above. I replaced it with the latest version, and I'm still getting the same error. I tried 'Kill update library' and 'Reset Settings for Spotify Mini Player.' What is my next best bet? I would love to get this up and running.
  2. Thanks. I'm using the beta version, and it works really great for me! Beginning to use Wunderlist for more than concerts and groceries now. I'll see wha they have to see over in Trello land. Thanks again.
  3. I know this hasn't been addressed in over a year, but.... I downloaded this. Works great! I'm far from a programmer. Is this as robust as it is because Wunderlist desktop app? Is there potential for Alfred for Trello to have a similar structure in Alfred if someone worked through it? The two programs have quite a few similarities. If not, is it because Trello is web only? Does it have to do with their API? Mostly inquiry. Thanks!
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