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  1. Here's the workflow packaged up if someone can use it. http://deadesq.com/f....alfredworkflow Usage is as follows: MAD,LAX,2015-06-17,2015-07-01 Note the use of the commas. You'll need to know the airport codes for the airports, and the date is self-explanatory. I search Google Flights multiple times per day when I'm trying to book flights, and this workflow has already saved me time. I hope others benefit from it! Thanks to user Danishe for the assist on the syntax to use for the workflow.
  2. Here's the workflow packaged up if someone can use it. http://deadesq.com/files/Google_Flights.alfredworkflow
  3. Oh, jeez. Now I feel like an idiot. I wasn't putting in the commas. Thank you. It works great. I appreciate the save.
  4. Hello, all. I'm trying to do a workflow that will allow me to search Google Flights by passing multiple queries to Alfred. The URL for Google Flights looks like: https://www.google.com/flights/#search;f=LAX;t=MAD;d=2015-06-17;r=2015-06-30 Summary: f is the outgoing airport code, t is the destination airport code, d is the departure date, and r is the return date. I've modified the Kitten image workflow I found elsewhere in the forums to try to use multiple queries, so my bash script looks like: #!/bin/bash # split the query into an argument array IFS=',' read -a qarg <<< "{query}" # set the x and y sizes from the array w=${qarg[0]} x=${qarg[1]} y=${qarg[2]} z=${qarg[3]} # open the url with the two arguments open "https://www.google.com/flights/#search;f=$w;t=$x;d=$y;r=$z" When I run the script, though, it puts all the queries in for $w, and the other three don't get populated. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Thanks.
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