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  1. selection in macos + keyword

    Thanks a lot guys, these are great suggestions. I decided for now to just use a file action, which is working fine. (Thanks for the great example-workflow @GuiB!)
  2. Hi guys, I have a workflow in which I use the (selection in macOS) as the "query" in a bash script (it runs an OCR on the selected file). To do this, I use the "argument: Selection in macOS" of the "hotkey", but I would rather use a keyword (rather than a hotkey) to run the script (so that I can for instance more easily run the OCR_english and OCR_dutch versions of the script). Is this possible?
  3. AppleScript does not work?

    @Vero, just wondering, is it maybe also possible to activate a workflow with the "selection in macOS" as argument by using a keyword as a trigger (rather than a hotkey)?
  4. AppleScript does not work?

    Wow, I thought Alfred couldn't get any better, but it just did. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi guys, I wrote a little AppleScript that copies and pastes a text selection to the Alfred bar with a certain prefix: see below. The thing is, when I select text, and run the .scpt file from the Alfred bar (i.e. I look up the file and press enter) it works fine, but when I try to link this script to an Alfred keyword or hotkey, it stops working. I tried these three methods: I simply copied the content of the .scpt file into an Alfred workflow (actions --> RunNSAppleScript). Doesn't work. I wrote a bash script calling the .scpt file and attached it to the action "run script". Doesn't work. I used the action "open file" and attached the .scpt file to it. Doesn't work. It's not that these three methods don't do anything. In fact weird things happen. The text selection expands to adjacent words for example. Or I hear the "beep" of the mac "alert sound". I also sometimes seems as if the delay of 0.5 does not work. Its' not such a big deal. I can run the script by simply launching it by searching the file in the Alfred bar, but I'm still generally curious what is going on here. Any ideas?
  6. Search content .tex file

    Thanks, I will continue the search over there!
  7. Search content .tex file

    Thanks for the quick reply. No, stupid of me to not check that first. Spotlight also doesn't search inside .tex files either. I have found some posts about "spotlight importers" but so far I haven't found a solution yet. I know this is not the right place to ask these questions, but do you by any chance have a tip?
  8. Hi all, when I search for content inside files (which is under the prefix "in" by default), Alfred doesn't seem to read my .tex files. I have seen a couple of posts about difficulties with filtering .tex files, but I couldn't find any thread about this specific issue. Any tips? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I have this same issue. I am working with Commander One and would like to combine it with Alfred. I would like Alfred to use Commander One just as it currently using Finder. Did any of you maybe find a solution to this? Thanks!
  10. Search contacts with argument

    Thanks a lot! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all your work. Alfred is the best! Misha
  11. Search contacts with argument

    Hi Vero, thanks a lot for your quick response. I knew about these moves, it's just that I don't want the contacts to always clog up the lists of results. I only want the contacts to be in the results list when I for instance type a "c" first. Is that possible?
  12. Search for full sentences?

    Hi guys, is it already possible to do this in Alfred? I mean to have Alfred show the results that you get in the terminal (when you use this command in Terminal)?
  13. Hi guys, is there any way to only search for contacts if you for instance type "c" first (or any prefix). Like "c john smith" would give me the contact viewer with john smith, while just "john smith" would simply launch the browser/search engine? (I don't want to enable "contacts" in default search results, because it would clog up the results, but I would also like the built-in contacts handlers).
  14. Search in folder?

    Hi all, I am not a regular on forums like this, so apologies for if I'm posting in the wrong place. Or asking a stupid question. I was just wondering if there is an easy way to search files within a folder. So within Alfred I navigate towards a certain folder, and then I want to search for files within only that folder. Preferably with the "in" command as well. I know there are search filters, but these have to be set up for specific folders beforehand. I would like to just search in any folder I happen to navigate to. Isn't there like an "action" that says "search in this folder" or something? Thanks!