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  1. Not something I can do... 've posted to Keyboard Maestro's forum: https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/compatibility-with-alfred-2-7-2-about-current-active-app/1997
  2. Hi, Here is the problem I met with the latest 2.7.2 update: I have Keyboard Maestro set up for an app to map hjkl keys. Before 2.7.2, I map keys when the front window of the app has title "xxx", and when Alfred is shown, the key mappings won't be triggered, as it's not active any more. With 2.7.2, this won't work, that Keyboard Maestro still thinks the app is activated. So now how can I tell Keyboard Maestro the app is not active, or at least, Alfred is shown, so don't do the key mappings?
  3. Unfortunately no. I also turned on the alert, and I didn't trigger it much, so I can tolerant..
  4. My current way is to mute "Alert volume" in Sound in System Preferences I don't see any downside so far
  5. The situation is: A hotkey is created, with Argument: Selected text in OS X, then if nothing is selected when it's triggered, there is a "ding". As I understand, that's the sound from when you press command-c to copy something, but nothing selected, and I guess Alfred gets the selected text from the same way. So I wonder if there is any way to get around it, it's kind of noisy.
  6. Yeah, this is great. To get the selected text, change your script to Notice: if "Show latest history if within 5 minutes" is checked, you need to clear that first, otherwise the last command will show. I think it's a bug, I'll go report it
  7. I've been aware of that since it doesn't appear in Spotlight either. Thanks for your effort.
  8. Thanks, that does improve the situation, making the workaround better, I can live with it now, though it still doesn't seem perfect to me. As a user, and also a developer, I'd like it to be perfect. If the builtin way won't be implemented, the keystroke will disappoint me a bit. Thanks again, now I can close Alfred v1.
  9. Thanks at first. This one works, "kind of". The problems are: - start with a little one, that the "keystroke" makes some latency, because the system needs to type in. So it seems imperfect, but it's not a big problem. - As I assign it to command+shift+d, I have to press the hotkey and lift my fingers very fast, otherwise, it'll be command+shift+option+d+space (I use option+space to trigger Alfred 2). This is kind of a big problem for me, and I believe it's not comfortable for many to gamble the speed of apple script triggered and how fast leaving the keyboard. So, as it's still in beta, I would request either way (so I can have Alfred v1 not running for only one hotkey), have "Show Alfred" action back (it's already in v1), or have "alfred://" do the similar thing, or enable apple script support (not keystroke..), or any other workable way, instead of the workaround. I understand you all work hard on this, and have balanced the old features, the new features and bug fixes. I appreciate that. Please at least reconsider it a bit, even in low priority that I cannot see it in near future
  10. Good to know it's doable, in some way. Could you give an example? thanks~
  11. I noticed that b74 added alfred:// scheme, and can be used to share themes. I'd like to know is there the usage to activate Alfred search bar with {query}? That will help a lot. Good way to develop workflows
  12. In the clipboard bar, since the icons are there for each item, it'll be best to be able to filter by app. In case that I remember which app I copied a serial number or so, but I cannot remember the order of those numbers.
  13. I guess it's something different. Alfred is based on Spotlight, if they act differently, I think there will be something they can check.
  14. I'd like to see the function "Show Alfred" with predefined keyword, and optional selected text (this is already in Hotkey in Trigger) This one is implemented in v1, but in v2 there is no way to accomplish this.
  15. well, I guess hotkey is enough, but even that is not supported. I want to have the Alfred search bar with anything predefined, like "define" or "open", with selected text optionally, just like v1 does. Yes, I want to populate the Alfred window with customized scheme, including selected text Hmm, maybe this should go to feature request.
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