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  1. I wanted a quick and native way to retrieve my important tasks from Trello, so I created an Alfred workflow to get direct access to my urgent Trello cards. This workflow allows you to retrieve cards by list name or by due date across all Trello boards. See my blog post to download the workflow and learn how to use it : http://blog.g-design.net/post/122325916780/access-your-important-trello-cards-with-alfred Enjoy! gunther
  2. When designing or developing I regularly need some fake data : a name, an email address, a credit card number, some dummy text, etc. I used the wonderful Faker package by Francois Zaninotto to create an Alfred workflow for those moments when I quickly need some fake data. Check out my blog post to download the workflow and to learn how to use it : http://blog.g-design.net/post/121829216975/an-alfred-workflow-to-generate-fake-data I hope this will be of use.
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