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  1. Hi Andrew! Thanks so much for the reply. I’m actually asking because I already use so many hotkey triggers that I’m starting to lose track, and using sequences like these makes things much more manageable, as I can choose letter combinations that are intuitive (for example, the above ‘PT’ triggers my ‘prepare template’ workflow). Understood that it’s not possible however—hopefully sometime in the future! Thank you for your time.
  2. Hello everyone! I use short, specific, two letter keywords like "pt" to trigger workflows extremely frequently, and was wondering if there is any way to make it such that the (Enter) key is hit automatically after I type these keywords? In other words, rather than: 1. Summon Alfred 2. Type keyword (such as "pt") 3. Press enter I'd like to remove step three such that the workflow is automatically initiated immediately after I type "pt" within Alfred. Is there any way to do this? Thank you all very much for your time!
  3. Hello everyone! Several times a week I copy Final Cut Pro template from a folder deep in my documents to the desktop, using the following commands: command + space to summon alfred type in "template" (the name of the final cut pro file) hit the right arrow button to open the actions window hit the right arrow button again to initiate the 'copy' action hit the right arrow button again to paste the file to the desktop, while leaving the original in place (Alfred closes) I'd like to create a workflow to simplify this process; I'd like to be able to type in 'template', hit enter, and have the above set of actions occur. I realize I'm only saving myself a second or two here, but I'm more interested in learning about how the workflow would work; I do this several times each week with other files as well; if I could simplify the process for all the fileswith easy commands that would be great! Thank you to anyone that can help! Best regards, Mega Supporter Dogen
  4. I accidentally added Google Keep to my reading list, and now Google Keep shows up in Alfred, despite me removing it from the reading list and bookmarks section. Please see pic for more details. How can I remove this item from showing up in alfred? Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone. I've been using Alfred v2 with the power pack for about a month now and absolutely love it. There is just feature that I can't seem to figure out that is killing me--finding and playing music! I love that I can create workflows by just typing what seems logical, without having to memorise all sorts of complicated hotkeys--the whole thing I love is that everything starts from the launch alfred hotkey, and I can just go logically from there. It kills me, however, that I can't search for music without opening the mini player (causing me to press enter once). In the iTunes Keywords set there are options for Play/Pause, Next track, Previous Track, Random Album, etc. The great thing about these is that they can be accessed without having to open up the mini player; you can enable these iTunes mini player commands to work directly from the normal alfred bar. There isn't, however, a function to search for music in the Keywords page--am I missing something? I have tried several different workflows I've come across the internet for searching and playing for music without opening the iTunes player, but they all have problems (results load slowly, switches to desktop after pressing enter while using full screen applications, etc.). Is there a native way to find music without opening the mini player? Also, could I make it so that Alfred automatically brings up the mini player just by typing "music" (no enter)? Thanks you very much in advance!!
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