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  1. This workflow is pretty awesome. 1. Would there be a way to show default results that you want? For example: Units EUR - USD: 1.08 - AED: 4.00 - 1 EUR > Bitcoin - 1 EUR > US Dollar Or maybe shift the results so most used currencies are on top for faster access? 2. The other thing I was wondering was why: units EUR AED returns 4 but units 1 EUR AED returns 4.0031? 3. Also also: Why not show immediately the conversion in the displayed results for user selected currencies? Actioning the item will copy it to clipboard. Continuing to type conversion currency will then display that one. units EUR - 1 Euro > 4.0031 United Arab Emirates Dirham Currency AED - 1 Euro > 1.0098 United States Dollar Currency USD & units EUR SAR - 4.009 Saudi Riyal 1 EUR > SAR
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I went through the whole setup, and made sure I downloaded one song to see if it was any of what I thought it might be, but getting the same issue. See attached what it finds for ~/Music/iTunes/
  3. Hi all, I've got a fresh install of Yosemite, with iTunes 12.2 and the latest alfred. Trying to use the mini player and when I bring it up it says "Invalid iTunes XML path, check path in Alfred's iTunes Preferences" When i got there, and try to use the "find" in iTunes settings > Advanced, it doesn't find anything. Is it because I have no downloaded music? Is it something to do with iTunes 12.2? Any suggestions?
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