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  1. I just updated this workflow with a Python script to read and toggle the brightness as well. Enjoy. https://github.com/anthonymobile/alfred/blob/master/AirPlane Mode with Brightness Toggle.alfredworkflow
  2. well, user error as usual. i added a space to the end of my snippet and its working as expected. Alfred seems to work a little different from other text expanders i've used like Atext
  3. Just started using snippets in A3 and love it - much faster than AText which I was using before and have now removed permanently. However, despite turning "Expand snippets mid-string" off and rebooting several times, A3 still insists on expanding mid-string. for instance whenever i try to start tmux i get tomorrowux! Sierra, MBA 11" Any help?
  4. Here's the workflow file. thanks for the tip. WifiPicker.alfredworkflow a couple of fixes still to do - the author of the Wi-Fi scanner code updated it for Yosemite so will be rewriting to take advantage of that, especially to show different icons for open/closed networks, and need to fix an issue with duplicate SSIDs that are being broadcast by more than one physical access point in range but mostly, it sorta works in not too complex environments.
  5. https://github.com/anthonymobile/Alfred-WifiPicker My first workflow. A WiFi scanner, selector, and connector workflow. This is a simple workflow to allow you to quickly pick a WiFi network to connect to. Lots of people have asked for this amidst the dozens of wifi togglers but surprisingly this is the first one to be written. Based on: Eject Disk workflow by Steffen Lyngbaek http://steffen.lyngbaek.comhttp://www.manyk.ca/Alfred2/Eject%20Disk.alfredworkflow Wi-Fi Scanner by Matt Silas - https://github.com/MattSilas/Wifi-Scanner/blob/master/wifiscan.py
  6. it works now. still some tweaks to fix but it works https://github.com/anthonymobile/Alfred-WifiPicker
  7. thanks. i've addressed a number of these things (still learning Python along the way). got the script to where its pushing back the MAC addresses but not the SSIDs, and they are displaying properly in the Alfred feedback dialog, so that's progress!
  8. I've made a lot of progress but stuck with this wifi picker workflow - its based off the Eject workflow, and I'm hung in 2 places - getting data to flow from python into the Alfred feedback module, and getting it to flow from the script filter to the bash script. What's working and isn't pretty well documented in the code. There have been a lot of requests for this workflow so Any and all help appreciated. https://github.com/anthonymobile/Alfred-WifiPicker
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