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  1. When I enter "find bob" or "open bob" in Alfred it shows me other files & folders with "bob" in the name but it doesn't show me "bob.txt" in the home (~) folder. Same with other files, but folders in ~ show up. AFAICT it has everything except files in ~. The "include folder in Home" box is checked. Not critical, just happened to notice and find it odd. Thanks
  2. Thanks for this. I added your "next track" line to mine as I'm listening to a playlist of "rating 0" and rating a song removes it from the playlist.
  3. Thank you! I was trying the same thing and finally Googled alfred json snippet and found this. Worked great. Python 2 for anyone else using it.
  4. Googling alfred json snippet turned up this python script which worked wonderfully. The script works in Python 2.7, didn't work with Python 3.5. After formatting your CSV and running the script you'll have a bunch of .json files. Zip all those up and name the file Collection.alfredsnippets and then open the file (cmd-down arrow). Alfred will import the snippets into "Collection" (you can name that whatever you'd like) and WILL OVERWRITE IT if it already exists.
  5. I looked at that and it looks like a major PITA and one of the reasons I think JSON is an abomination. One comma out of place and 30 minutes of your life are gone. Why don't we use CSV and XML any more? Those are easy to work with. Or at least they're easy for humans to read and manipulate. And really, one file per snippet? Okay, so it can be done but there's no good solution. Thank you
  6. I have 708 little text bits that I want to menu-ize. If I can make each one a Snippet and stuff them all in a collection that seems like one way to do it. Except I'm not seeing a way to mass import from a text file. Can it be done (without huge effort)? If not, are there other options? PS. The snippets are HipChat emoticons like (congaparrot).
  7. After some more Googling I this which suggests running the screen saver with it set to require the password immediately and I created a workflow that starts the screen saver with either "Lock" or cmd+L. It's a workaround but it'll do for now. I do understand that the broken lock command is an Apple bug.
  8. Disconnecting the network when locking the screen isn't acceptable. Is there an alternative was to have Alfred (or something else) lock the screen? A workflow or something? The Lock option in Alfred is nice but it's broken.
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