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  1. Hey! First post. I made a workflow. I thought you might like it. --- pwme - a workflow to quickly generate passwords using pwgen Generate secure random passwords using pwgen and copy to the clipboard. Prerequisites / installation pwme depends on pwgen and expects pwgen binary to be available at /usr/local/bin/pwgen The easiest way to install pwgen is with Homebrew. pwgen is available as a Homebrew package, so assuming your Homebrew environment is set up right you simply need to run the following from your console (or via Alfred!): > brew install pwgen If you've already got pwgen installed you can skip this step. Next you need to download and install the workflow, head over here to find the latest release: https://github.com/tthew/alfred2-pwme-workflow/releases Usage To use pwme enter the pwme keyword. If you hit enter this will generate an 8 character password and copy it to your clipboard. You can also tell pwme to produce shorter or longer passwords by specifying a number of character to genereate e.g. pwme 16 Under the hood pwme alls pwgen with the following arguments: > /usr/local/bin pwgen -cnysB1 ‚Äč License Apache-2 --- I hope someone finds it useful. Enjoy!
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