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  1. Hi @deanishe, Yeah, the script box isn't very useful for larger concepts. I actually developed the code with Atom and ran my script from terminal directly to get proper errors while making it. I wasn't sure yet how the workflow folder worked and wanted to get a grasp on the data moving through workflow items before jumping into better script maintenance. However, I will definitely update my workflow and post now that you've helped me understand the piece I was missing. I definitely plan to write more tutorials using the Ruby template! Now that I've got a much better grasp of workflows, I feel more apt to take it on and understand the reasons why pieces of code are in certain places. This particular workflow I wrote about definitely has some improvements that can be made using that Ruby template.
  2. oh awesome! I didn't realize there was a separate forum for that. Thank you!
  3. I really love workflows and I wanted to start creating my own. I'm mostly a front-end developer and use ruby for the most part on any back-end dev work I do. I saw that Alfred supports Ruby workflows which made me very excited. I did some googling and had a hard time finding some tutorials about creating workflows with ruby, plenty with php though. I needed to learn the basics of workflows and wanted to do it in a language I knew (not familiar with php). I wrote a post detailing how a basic workflow functions with ruby. It's nothing you can't find anywhere else, but it was a good exercise to get the basics figured out and create something that helps me weekly. http://buddylreno.github.io/adventures-with-alfred-a-basic-ruby-workflow/ I look forward to all the interesting workflows people are creating!
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