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  1. I want to thank deanishe for his ONGOING support of an Alfred workflow for Zotero, -a tool he doesn't use at all-. He redeveloped an abandoned Alfred/Zotero workflow 4 years ago to make ZotHero. His generosity to the academic Alfred community is astonishing. I encourage everyone to buy him a beer
  2. Many thanks for the suggestion. That option was already set, and changing Run Behaviour to various settings didn't change things. But, again, thanks - it was worth a try.
  3. Mpco - I just downloaded the most recent release - thanks so much for keeping this up to date. I started seeing very slow searches in DT3b3 and still in DT3b4. It's not timing out. I tried running the script with logging enabled, and there's fully 7 or so seconds between when I enter text and results are returned: [11:23:10.768] Logging Started... [11:23:17.517] DEVONthink Search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'c' [11:23:18.774] DEVONthink Search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'chancery' [11:23:24.083] DEVONthink Search[Script Filter] Script with argv 'chancery' finished Thanks for a brilliant workflow - just wanted to draw your attention to the issue.
  4. It does. Though, I think the workflow was updated recently? It's suddenly running quite slowly for me.
  5. Mpco - Brilliant. That did the trick, and it works as expected now. Thank you!
  6. Mpco - many thanks. When I run the script you posted directly, it works fine, and takes only a few seconds for results to appear in the Script Editor window. But, running dnt directly still just fails silently with a time-out. Running dnd and choosing a database and searching works fine. Is it connected somehow to dnt coming after dnd, rather than being a toplevel option somehow?
  7. It freezes - dnt logs this: Starting debug for 'DEVONthink Pro Search' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 's' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'so' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sot' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'soth' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothe' [2018-12-04 09:12:50][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sotheo' [2018-12-04 09:12:51][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothe' [2018-12-04 09:12:51][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothew' [2018-12-04 09:12:51][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothewo' [2018-12-04 09:12:51][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothewor' [2018-12-04 09:12:51][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sothewort' [2018-12-04 09:12:52][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'sotheworth' I have some large databases (>3 gigs) containing indexed folders themselves pointing to gigabytes of files, and I think that's where the script is failing, as a dnd search of that particular database also times out.
  8. Many thanks for sharing. I'm having an issue where the general dnt search (of DT Pro) isn't responding or returning any results, whereas a dnd search of a particular database works fine.
  9. Just moved from years of being a devout Evernote user to DevonThink, and this workflow made that decision much easier. Cheers!
  10. That did the trick. Seriously - is there some way I can compensate you in gratitude? Or, alternately, some way I can contribute to the larger Alfred community, as a thanks? You've made life better for the tiny number of academic users who use both (Alfred, Zotero), and have my profoundest thanks.
  11. Another issue - I can't open attachments. This may be because I store attachments in a different directory than I store the Zotero database (which uses the default data directory ~/Zotero/) Disabled the other version, so I'm getting the proper results. No issues configuring citation styles or accessing the database successfully. But when trying to shift-enter to view attachments, the script fails (silently from the user perspective). Debug shows: "[ERROR: action.script] The file /Users/lutefish/Box Sync/AlfredSync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.3E466815-B937-4C74-B823-C1F211FCAE3D/attachments:2017/Fisher Chancery Standard Written English.pdf does not exist." Is there anyway to specify a distinct attachment top-level directory from database directory - what Zotero calls "Linked Attachment Base Directory" vs "Data Directory Location"?
  12. OK. Downloaded new, ran delcache and I'm now getting duplicate results returned in the Alfred display. Looking at the debug logs I see "[index] 2 result(s) for u'1975'" but the workflow displays a list of item 1, item 2, item 2, item 1. Gonna be away again through the holidays, but we're up to two round of beers on me. Cheers.
  13. @deanishe @Damoeire @dfay Jeez - I step away for a few days, and this! @deanishe - running it, first thing I see when searching is an error - ValueError: year=1854 is before 1900; the datetime strftime() methods require year >= 1900 I have lots of pre 1900, even free 1800 entries in my Zotero library. The error doesn't stop the script from returning items with year values before that time, or from opening the attachments
  14. Hi, all - I wish I had the time and the expertise to do more with this, but I don't. My hand-hacked version of the script works for me (for now), so I've been very reluctant to change anything, and my tech skills are shaky enough that I worry about even fiddling around with the subsequent versions that @deanishe has very generously assembled, in case I break what's not broken. All I use zotquery for is to search the Zotero database (not even by field - just the "general query" default works fine, and the rest is just added and rather unnecessary complexity), and then either 1) opening the linked attachment, 2) copying the citation (either full or short) to the clipboard, and very occasionally 3) opening Zotero to that particular item. May thanks to everyone who has spent time and effort on this (and beers all around sounds like a solid plan), but this may be it for this workflow for a while.
  15. I’m away from my computer but my hunch is the issue may be with where zotquery stores its duplicate of the library; moving from the old Alfred 2 preferences paths to Alfred 3 required some changes to that part of the workflow. Zotero also changed default path in v.5, but I don’t think that’s the issue here.
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