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  1. Been waiting for you to update it for a while, glad to have it back. Unfortunately though the ".." command doesn't function properly for me. Sends a message to someone random. I think this is because the applescript for messages is broken (not sure if they fixed it in the last few months). I wrote up a workflow to try and implement ".." without using applescript: But unfortunately it is very unreliable and often will just report that it can't find the most recent contact. Fortunately when it does work it at least never sends it to the wrong person
  2. I wrote up an extremely hacky way to reply to iMessages (should also work with SMS, maybe even group conversations) using the chat.db database. It will display the number of who it thinks is your most recent contact so you don't accidentally send your grandmother a reply intended for your significant other. Ideally it would show the person's name by looking up the number in your contacts, but I don't know how to do that so for now it's just the phone number. To use, just open Alfred and type ".. <message>" If it works, you'll see in the sub text the last message from that conversati
  3. Agreed, it's easy enough to open messages and select a contact. Being able to send and reply to messages straight from alfred is much more useful.
  4. Oh wow. I had no idea that major releases could have such significant issues. Thanks for the heads up and hopefully they'll fix this in a reasonable time scale.
  5. I updated my profile. Also, just to be clear, the issue is really around the inability to access properties of objects using apple script. I made a stack exchange thread here: http://apple.stackex...ect-not-working which has unfortunately received no replies. If I could figure out how to get the "updated" property from each chat the above script would work perfectly. The only reason the above script even runs is because of the try statement (every iteration errors). I hope that you can still help though since if this was fixed it would make a really great workflow.
  6. I've been using this applescript for a while: set _message_ to "{query}" tell application "Messages" set _chats_ to get every text chat repeat with _chat_ in _chats_ try set _check_ to updated of _chat_ set _current_ to updated of _recent_ if _check_ > _current_ then set _recent_ to _chat_ end if on error set _recent_ to _chat_ end try end repeat send _message_ to _recent_ end tell But unfortunately with El Capitan it started sending messages to seemingly rando
  7. Well it is also possible that something unrelated happened to cause the issue. No guarantee yet that el capitan is causing the problem. Is there any way I could check?
  8. Do you have any idea why it might break? Perhaps it might be something simple I could fix myself.
  9. On the el capitan beta the reply to latest message feature always sends messages to one of my group chats (even if I haven't sent anything to it in a long time). Is there any information I could provide to get this issue fixed?
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