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  1. Thanks! This works great now. Now that you've reminded me, I remember trying to use this workflow object and it didn't handle well hiding the apps and I had to write an NSAppleScript for this (which didn't age well). Now it's flawless! And yeah, I've never stopped using Alfred, but now that I'm actually paid to write code, I have less time and motivation to maintain public workflows so I'm not active here at all anymore...
  2. Hey all, I haven't been active in this community for a long time (though I used to a lot!). And I haven't really been keeping up with the updates. I'd like to have a workflow that would let me assign a keyboard trigger to open a terminal and make it the frontmost app. If the app was already open, just switch to it. If it wasn't, open it and switch to it. Does something like this exist already? If not, how can I make it? It seems very straightforward but glancing at the examples in the workflow tab of Alfred, I couldn't immediately see how to... Thanks for any help
  3. That's an awesome way to think about it. Makes the cringe more bearable. I'll try and keep this in mind.
  4. Hi everyone, I don't play video games very often but I recently started playing Factorio in which I find myself using very weird and complicated key combinations... not unlike some of Alfred's shortcuts... And quite often, I trigger a workflow... Is there a way to prevent that? While still having Alfred work as soon as I switch to another app (like switching to desktop #1 to answer a few messages while playing). Thanks a lot.
  5. I can probably come up with a good list of reasons why I left. But since it has been such a long time, none of them are probably very accurate. A huge part of why I left was probably because of personal reasons, health, work, life... Also, an increasingly big part of my coding started gravitating towards piracy and it was made clear to me more than once that it wasn't welcome here. I had used Alfred to get into programming basically (yes you can be MIT robotics and learn programming through alfred!) and I had started getting good enough that it wasn't that interesting to me
  6. Thanks for the twitter trick. As for packal, it seems to be unmaintained. It doesn't update my workflows anymore, search doesn't work, features shawn and I had talked about aren't implemented... And yeah, "share your workflows" is definitely my go-to but it's way to big and messy to find the gems...
  7. Hey all, I used to be a very active contributor to Alfred 2 and I kinda stopped with the release of Alfred 3. I just realized today that the licence I had for v2 allows me to use v3! So now I'm back and I'd like to get the latest, the best, the most used, the most innovative, everything the community has to offer! Where can I find this? Thanks all :-)
  8. I am super happy about this ! Really it's cool ! There is still an annoyance though... (sorry Andrew :-( ) in the form of the following: say I'm watching a TV series on my computer using the MPV player, one episode is about to end, so I pop Alfred up and start to look for the next episode. But MPV has the particularity of quitting when a video is over, thus giving the focus to the next application and escaping Alfred in the process. Could there be a way for Alfred to remain active while the frontmost application changes?
  9. Hey man, this is great. It's been expected for a long long time ! First things first: could you package it as a .alfredworkflow file to distribute it? You can just right click on the workflow in the workflow list of alfred preferences, and click "export".
  10. Yay !! Genius ! This is really going to improve my experience here :-) Thanks !
  11. Weird... Plus, I have nothing to install in my Download folder :-)
  12. Weird update in Packal : it proposes to revert the "install app" workflow rather than update...
  13. Hey Andrew. I've been slacking here, so I don't know if this was actually implemented... But Alfred still is behind VLC and MPV when these are in 'float on top' mode...
  14. Not what I meant at all. Here it is: Create a BACKUP version of the app you want to install with the safe `rsync` method Try and `mv` the ORIGINAL app into /Applications Delete the BACKUP If `mv` worked, then you didn't need to close the app, this is ideal. If it didn't, then you had a backup copy to `rsync` into \Applications (in which case you will have to ask to close the app). But with this process, closing the app is only required rarely.
  15. Ok so then here's an idea: you `rsync` a temporary copy of the file, you `mv` the file, and then delete the temp copy. Then you don't need to close the app (except if the `mv` failed but then it'll only be rare cases). If the `mv` failed, you have the backup temp copy to start the process over.
  16. Hey Shawn, I've been having this issue with the updater (either graphical or through the alfred workflow): it won't update Colors from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 Any idea what i can do?
  17. Toggle your bluetooth on or off, indicates whether it's currently on or off. Get it on Packal.
  18. You seem to be developing this workflow pretty actively so I'll keep inputting: when dealing with .app files, why copy them and not move them? Then you wouldn't need to close the app first, and the user wouldn't have (albeit temporarily) twice the app on their computer... This happened to me this morning :-)
  19. No idea, sorry. Either these won't have a cool icon or maybe some already existing code out there can help you with this. But I have personally no idea. I was also thinking that you might want to do a deeper search, find apps in folders within the Download folder, that'd be cool too.
  20. Hey just got an idea: you could also use the apps' icons, that'd look great
  21. Great, it's working now :-) I have some feedback for you though: In the above picture, you can see your own workflow, and actual app (pacapong.app), a hidden R history file ".Rapp.history" (this is a software used in research for statistical analysis and the likes), and a folder "71135_katapult_zip" containing blender models, images and html files. I don't really think ".Rapp.history" and "71135_katapult_zip" have their place on this list. If you don't want to filter files by their extension, then at least you could try and explore them and see if they fit (the ".Rapp" file will not
  22. There's a problem on Packal w/ the download... Sends you to a github 404
  23. Well you know what, I hadn't... Feel so stupid now! For my own defense, the update did include a reboot so it *felt* like I had recently rebooted. Thanks @dfay.
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