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  1. Just updated the workflow to 1.2. Improvements include: New features: added ability to mark tasks as completed through wlshow added ability to specify which list to add a task to in wladd Security improvements: Moved storage of credentials to the Keychain. Also, this means that from now on you'll no longer have to go through setup when updating the workflow! Aysun--hopefully you find the added functionality useful. @xilopaint--I tried improving the performance but as far as I can tell
  2. Hi Aysun, that functionality isn't available yet--all task creations go to the inbox, and you can move from there. But thanks for the request! That's something I've been meaning to implement. I'm planning on updating the workflow with some performance adjustments and additional functionality (including this one) in the next week or two. I'll let you know when it comes!
  3. Totally agree, @xilopaint. I'm hoping to incorporate some performance enhancements in the next release which will hopefully address the issue. Thanks!
  4. Hi @xilopaint, that's a great idea. Unfortunately Wunderlist doesn't support smart lists with their API yet (but apparently they're working on it). Hopefully soon!
  5. Hi @xilopaint, just got the fix for special characters working, with a bit of help from deanishe. You can grab the newest version on Github. Enjoy!
  6. That was it! Thanks Deanishe! Super super helpful all around. And thanks for making the Alfred-Workflow module. I'll be looking to incorporate it into future workflows. This time around though I wanted to slog through it to figure out exactly what was going on--for example I'd never heard of unicode normalization before. Thanks again!
  7. Hi deanishe, ah looks like you're correct-- the API is returning UTF-8! Okay so that's not the problem. I still can't get the extension to work with special characters though, and would love some more of your help. I think there's still something I'm misunderstanding about how Alfred is encoding characters. In the workflow's Github repo, I added a simple "test" workflow in a subdirectory to illustrate the issue. Ideally with the test workflow, the Alfred command "test Å" should return "234"--you'll see from the workflow that I'm trying to access a dict with special characters as a key. Tha
  8. Thanks for the heads up @xilopaint--currently working on fixing the issue!
  9. Ah ha! Thanks for your response deanishe! And thanks for looking into the code. I don't have the latest version on GitHub, but in it I do decode the text at the boundaries as you suggested below. That didn't solve the problem though, but with a bit of your help I was able to determine that the issue arises from the response from Wunderlist's API--it doesn't respond with UTF-8 as expected/documented. For example, for the troublesome request it comes back with: [ {u'created_at': u'2015-09-04T15:42:32.668Z', u'id': 182850841, u'list_type': u'list', u'owner_type': u'user', u'pub
  10. I'm trying to make my workflow robust against special characters, and I'm having a bit of trouble. When I run my python script from the terminal with an argument containing special characters it works fine. Eg: python alfredwl.py show "a´´´´ÅÅÅ´´ÅÎÎÎÏÍÒˆ„ÏıÔÍÓÔÍÏıÅͯÅÍåå∂ß˚˜≤√åß" However, when I run it through Alfred as "wlshow a´´´´ÅÅÅ´´ÅÎÎÎÏÍÒˆ„ÏıÔÍÓÔÍÏıÅͯÅÍåå∂ß˚˜≤√åß" in a script filter my workflow seems to stumble on the character encoding. In my python script I convert arguments from UTF-8 into Unicode strings--I figured that would've worked for Alfred. What type of encoded string do
  11. Hi @xilopaint, fixed and added support for special characters. Thanks!
  12. Hey David, ah sorry maybe I should've made the instructions more clear on the forum. To set up the workflow, check out the instructions on the Github page. Alternatively, I'm pasting them here as well (although Github will stay most up-to-date): Installation In the Github repo you'll find a file called alfredwl.alfredworkflow. Download that and double-click. If you have Alfred 2 it should automatically open and import the workflow. Setup You must set up this workflow before it can access your account. Setup involves two steps: 1. Getting a Client ID and Access Token from Wunderlist 2. In
  13. Hi everyone, I created a simple workflow to interact with Wunderlist. It allows you to add tasks, show your lists, and show incomplete tasks through Alfred. It has just a couple keyword commands: "wladd" and "wlshow". For more info and to get the workflow, check it out on Packal or Github. Let me know what you guys think! Nick
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