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  1. Idea that add Alfred internal keywords looks fine. Default and custom search keywords can be added to results. I will try to implement this feature
  2. Workflow uses cache which updates not often than 12 hours. Also you can manually delete cache. Type: ? workflow:delcache
  3. dfay, could you type "? workflow:openlog" and attach opened file contents ?
  4. Southgirl, sorry. Please check new 1.0.2 version. Download by link on top of the topic, I can't login in Packal to update there. deanishe, thanks for help! And for great workflows framework It really helps to develop!
  5. Ohh, it's true. I don't know why and I can't login in packal to do something. You can use download link in the top post or direct link in packal repo: https://github.com/packal/repository/raw/master/com.pochemuto.alfred.workflow.AlfredHelp/alfred-keywords-help-1.0.1.alfredworkflow In the Packal link follow to 1.0.0 version
  6. I'll test workflow with python 2.6 and remove argparse dependency as deanishe suggests. Thanks for feedback
  7. Hi there! It's my first public workflow. It helps to forget keyword for workflow which was not used long time. Just type ? and the name of the action and you will see a list of available actions. I hope that workflow will be useful Download Github Packal Current version: 1.0.2 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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