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  1. Sure! I'll do that as soon as it happens again - chances are good it will be tomorrow morning
  2. Sooo, after rebuilding the clipboard database, I had no problems for two days - but today the issue was back... I just wanted to report my "progress" ;D I don't know if my internal SSD could be responsible - I haven't noticed anything drive-related being wonky and it's the original drive that came with the MacBook Pro. Whatever the case may be, it's not a big deal - I can always just quit and relaunch Alfred via the menu bar item and get on with my life I will definitely keep an eye on the clipboard issue, but I'm kind of hoping it will just go away with a future update to either Alfred or macOS - it wouldn't be the first time that weird little issues like that disappear by themselves. Have a great weekend! And - as always: thanks for the most important piece of software I ever had since getting my first Mac 18 years ago Anna
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for your reply - I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I must have missed the notification email. The clipboard issue went away and came back since my initial post, there's really no logic to it, it seems. I have cleared the history just now - I must admit that I never even noticed the "Clear Now" button... that might be it, I'm using the clipboard history A LOT (for big stuff as well, like graphics from Illustrator & InDesign) and have never cleared it before... I will let you know how it goes Thanks again & cheers, Anna
  4. Hi guys! I keep seeing a weird little issue with Alfred 3.5.1 and I just wanted to ask if you've heard about it before: Oftentimes when I wake my MacBook Pro from sleep in the morning, Alfred's clipboard viewer will be stuck on the screen, with Alfred not responding to shortcuts or anything like that - I can move down the clipboard list (so the viewer is at least responding to the arrow keys), but I cannot do anything else with Alfred and I cannot make the clipboard viewer go away, no matter what I do. It stays on top of everything else and just sits there, the only way to get rid of it is to quit Alfred via the menu bar item. I guess the issue first came up a couple of months ago (I'm pretty sure it was after Alfred 3.5.1 was released) and it always goes away without me doing anything and then comes back a couple of days or a week later. For the last couple of days the clipboard viewer has been stuck on screen consistently every morning - and while it is not a problem or a big deal at all and just a tiny little bit annoying, I figured I'd ask in the forum if this has been mentioned before. I couldn't find anything via the forum search, so I started a new topic. Thanks & cheers, Anna - Alfred 3.5.1 - macOS Sierra 10.12.6 - MacBook Pro Retina, 15", mid 2015
  5. Thank you for your reply, smirky I really appreciate that you're open to the idea! Also, it's great to hear that you've got an update coming (I have to say though that DJ Pedro is doing a flawless job already!). Thanks for your continued work on this, DJ Pedro has totally replaced iTunes Genius for me Cheers, Anna
  6. Hi smirky! I love your workflow and I use it all the time - thank you for that I have one question though: would it be possible for DJ Pedro to create a playlist for Spotify? I'm asking because the best part about Last.fm (for me) is discovery - right now DJ Pedro can only use stuff I already own and know to create a playlist. If Pedro could make a playlist based on the massive catalogue of Spotify, that would be truly awesome. I would be perfectly happy if Pedro could just spit out a plain text list (artistname - trackname), then I could go to Ivy and convert that list into a Spotify playlist myself. Just in case you get really bored at some point in the future and need a crazy project to work on... ;D Cheers, Anna
  7. Hi Enhorn, I would love to get this working with Spotify as well - but I cannot find the line you mentioned anywhere in the workflow folder. What I have (in alfredfm_helper.rb) is this: def itunes_running? %x{osascript -e 'get running of application id "com.apple.itunes"'}.chomp == 'true' end I suppose the direct-download-version of the workflow (on the first page) doesn't have the swinsian changes yet. Could you maybe share your version of the workflow (with the changes applied)? @Filipe, or maybe you could update the direct download, that would be awesome Thanks and cheers, Anna
  8. Hi Ritashugisha, I just wanted to say "Thank you" once again, I am amazed at how much work you keep investing to improve this workflow! The new version works flawlessly for me, it's fast and stable and awesome I must admit that there are so many features by now that I haven't tried them all, but the ones I use are rock solid. Thanks again and have a happy new year!
  9. Wow, fantastic update!!! This workflow just keeps getting better and better Also: thank you so much for implementing the default-format setting!
  10. Hi David, thanks for your reply All my music is local, all files are AAC and iTunes Match is not activated. The error shows up when I try to play my own local music (not iTunes Radio tracks). I have no idea if certain tracks / albums / artists are related to the error - It seems pretty random to me... But the error only ever appears when I search for something to play with the mini player, not when I use the hotkeys for "next", "previous" and so on. Also I noticed that the error mostly gets logged BEFORE I press enter on a song, while I'm still typing into the mini player. That seems pretty weird...
  11. Hi! Almost every time I call the iTunes Miniplayer and start typing I see the following error in Console.app: 05.11.13 17:58:23,767 Alfred 2[18530]: [ERROR] AppleScript Error: { NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = iTunes; NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Can\U2019t get container of container of current track."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "iTunes got an error: Can\U2019t get container of container of current track."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-1728"; NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {0, 0}"; } Everything functions as it should, though - I can browse, choose songs, play them... everything's normal except for the error. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but I still wanted to mention it OS X 10.8.5, iTunes 11.1.2, Alfred v2.1 (218)
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