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  1. Wow. I had no idea... this is so much cleaner and better!!!! Why did I think I needed to use NSAppleScript? Was that maybe the case back in the beginning, when workflows got introduced initially (with Alfred 2 I think)? I never even questioned that, I always assumed the correct way to deal with "stuff" coming from the first node was to use NSAppleScript... God damn it. Now I want to immediately start to clean up all my workflows ;D One last question if I may (sorry to keep you occupied) : what would be a "very good reason" to use NSAppleScript?
  2. Hmmm, this actually does make sense. Now I look at all my cobbled-together workflows and wonder how much easier and more efficiently I could have achieved these things not always relying on Applescript... I always use the selection-hotkey and then text item delimiters to spit up the filepaths - but that does look incredibly complicated now in comparison... Oh well. Lots to learn Thanks again!
  3. @vitor Thank you, seriously, I really appreciate it that you are taking the time to (try to) explain this stuff to the least logical thinker you will ever meet. I had to turn the music off in the background to use all my brain power to read your answer I'll admit that bash scripts are pretty much gibberish to me, I lack the basic understanding... I had no idea what the difference between "input as {query}" and "input as argv" is - or the difference between single and double quotes - I just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks, basically. You did clear up some things for me though
  4. I'll be damned... THANK YOU!!!! Seriously, stuff like that is driving me insane - I do my best to find answers to problems like these myself online, but it's like pulling teeth for me. Next time I visit Essen I'll buy you an actual beer Cheers from Austria and thanks again, Anna
  5. Hi everybody! OK, I am desperate - I've spent the last two days trying to cobble together a tagging workflow and I am totally stuck... I would be extremely thankful if some of you Alfred-specialists around here could take a look at my issue. I kind of know my way around Applescript but everything else is a total mystery to me. So here it is: The Workflow uses "tag" (https://github.com/jdberry/tag/ - installed via homebrew, if that matters) to assign my custom tags to files selected in Finder. The workflow should work with a hotkey - be it via a "selecti
  6. A little late to the party, but: THANK YOU, this is exactly what I have been looking for :)
  7. Sure! I'll do that as soon as it happens again - chances are good it will be tomorrow morning
  8. Sooo, after rebuilding the clipboard database, I had no problems for two days - but today the issue was back... I just wanted to report my "progress" ;D I don't know if my internal SSD could be responsible - I haven't noticed anything drive-related being wonky and it's the original drive that came with the MacBook Pro. Whatever the case may be, it's not a big deal - I can always just quit and relaunch Alfred via the menu bar item and get on with my life I will definitely keep an eye on the clipboard issue, but I'm kind of hoping it will just go away with a future update to e
  9. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for your reply - I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I must have missed the notification email. The clipboard issue went away and came back since my initial post, there's really no logic to it, it seems. I have cleared the history just now - I must admit that I never even noticed the "Clear Now" button... that might be it, I'm using the clipboard history A LOT (for big stuff as well, like graphics from Illustrator & InDesign) and have never cleared it before... I will let you know how it goes Thanks again & cheers, Anna
  10. Hi guys! I keep seeing a weird little issue with Alfred 3.5.1 and I just wanted to ask if you've heard about it before: Oftentimes when I wake my MacBook Pro from sleep in the morning, Alfred's clipboard viewer will be stuck on the screen, with Alfred not responding to shortcuts or anything like that - I can move down the clipboard list (so the viewer is at least responding to the arrow keys), but I cannot do anything else with Alfred and I cannot make the clipboard viewer go away, no matter what I do. It stays on top of everything else and just sits there, the only way to get
  11. Thank you for your reply, smirky I really appreciate that you're open to the idea! Also, it's great to hear that you've got an update coming (I have to say though that DJ Pedro is doing a flawless job already!). Thanks for your continued work on this, DJ Pedro has totally replaced iTunes Genius for me Cheers, Anna
  12. Hi smirky! I love your workflow and I use it all the time - thank you for that I have one question though: would it be possible for DJ Pedro to create a playlist for Spotify? I'm asking because the best part about Last.fm (for me) is discovery - right now DJ Pedro can only use stuff I already own and know to create a playlist. If Pedro could make a playlist based on the massive catalogue of Spotify, that would be truly awesome. I would be perfectly happy if Pedro could just spit out a plain text list (artistname - trackname), then I could go to Ivy and convert that list into a S
  13. Hi Enhorn, I would love to get this working with Spotify as well - but I cannot find the line you mentioned anywhere in the workflow folder. What I have (in alfredfm_helper.rb) is this: def itunes_running? %x{osascript -e 'get running of application id "com.apple.itunes"'}.chomp == 'true' end I suppose the direct-download-version of the workflow (on the first page) doesn't have the swinsian changes yet. Could you maybe share your version of the workflow (with the changes applied)? @Filipe, or maybe you could update the direct download, that would be awesome
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