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  1. I didn't notice this parameter before, but my problem has already been solved by following deanishe's advice. Any way, I think this is quite a useful parameter and will give it a try some day.
  2. Thanks so much for your great advices. JSON makes it work! Yes, I have a VPS with SOCKS5 proxy deployed. In case you didn't know, Internet censorship in China is extreme and a lot of international services(Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc) are blocked. The project know as GFW is evil but powerful. We have to use kinds of proxies to cross it. SOCKS5 is the fastest and stablest choice by now.
  3. Thanks, deanishe In fact, this is a fork from ethan-funny/Google-Alfred3-Workflow, which have some issues with the proxy module (as I need proxy to access Google in China). Also, the upstream workflow outputs a string in the form of "query;url" in order to copy url & copy url as markdown later. For me QuickLook is as important as Markdown. If I simply change the arg to URL, QuickLook works but Markdown fails. So I was trying to find a way in which arg is still a URL and the script sets a variable of the title to form markdown - [$title](URL). That was the only solution I could think up. After some googling, I came up to your post. [[HOW TO] Workflow/environment variables](http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9070-how-to-workflowenvironment-variables/). I followed your ways to set variables and successfully got variable $title, but QuickLook failed. That's the whole story behind this post. As to the out of date library, maybe I need to rewrite the workflow with your advanced Alfred-Workflow lib. I'm wondering is there a easy way to achieve my demands based on the existing codes. If not, I shall move on to the rewriting work.
  4. Hi, Here's a google search workflow which outputs a url, but the ⇧ to QuickLook feature doesn't work at all. It's really weird and I can't figure it out. Any luck here? Workflow Link: https://github.com/laxapple/Google-Search-Plus-alfredworkflow/blob/master/Google%20Search%20%2B.alfredworkflow
  5. Import your .alfredsnippets file again, uncheck the checkbox before hitting the 'Import and Overwrite' button.
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