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  1. Thanks for the reply! I disabled all the apps in "Accessibility" and it still not work with Chinese and Japanese input sources. Now it's quite tough to solve since there's no problem on your machine. Here's my settings. All of them have been disabled and Alfred wasn't even in the list before I manually added it, but since it worked fine in English mode and the problem wasn't solved after adding and enabling Alfred in it I guess it has nothing to do with this setting? Any further suggestions?
  2. When the OS X built-in Chinese/Japanese input source is enabled the Hotkey Trigger fails to read text selection. It's easy to replicate. And it's still not very efficient when people have to switch to English in order to make it work if one switch between these languages constantly. Any improvement over this issue? Thanks in advance for your attention! p.s. I saw my last post got deleted but that's related to this case and I actually spent pretty much time on searching and testing to figure out that.
  3. I figured it out myself, it was caused by the input method. Sorry to be bothering.
  4. I don't know what happened on earth, today it never works even if I restarted the system several times. What's more, when I further tested it on a filename in Finder, it always prompts me the directory info window (and I have changed some different shortcuts for test so it won't be an OSX shortcut conflict). Related screenshots are posted below. Test the filename case in Finder. It prompts this window every time I press my shotcut.
  5. It happened many times that the Hotkey Trigger fails to read the selected texts, especially after the system runs for a while. This doesn't happen all the time though so I am not able to reproduce it precisely. But it does stop functioning almost every time after the system is started for a while, and I have to reboot the OS then it functions normally. Actually, I just updated Alfred to the latest before this post and it works normally after updating. Sadly it failed soon again. I wonder it's a common issue many people encountered before, but didn't find a similar post. If this is a OS X issue or some other program conflicts with Alfred I look forward to some workaround too. Environment Alfred: v2.8.8 (443) OS: Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F2109) Three shots below are The setting of the Trigger for test. The expected result (called with the texts "Search the Community" selected and Alfred fills the search box). The actual result.