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  1. Let's say I have a file called "this is my file".. how can I get alfred to show me the results if I type "his is my file"? Seems Alfred only searches from the filename beginning and not within the title? Thanks
  2. @VĂ­tor Firstly, I would not want ALL workflows doing this, just this one. So it would be an option in the workflow (perhaps as simple as removing the prefix!). So would one more really slow it down a lot? What if I disable one app from showing results and replace with this workflow, would that really slow it down a lot? More importantly, shouldn't I be the best person to decide if the speed of adding this workflow is acceptable or not? Both the default and this workflow are fast enough that I think doubling the time if thats what happens is still OK for me @deanishe I am not familiar with brow but looks like its some sort of bookmark sync process. In which case should I just not use Xmarks which is what Alfred states here https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/chrome-firefox-bookmarks/. Thanks
  3. Is it possible to run a workflow without a keyword? So basically just run it everytime I search for something? I have installed a Chrome Bookmarks search workflow, and it works when I use a keyword. But if I remove the keyword, nothing is coming up. But ideally I would just just like the bookmark results to show in the default search results without having to enter a keyword. I use the internet a lot, so it would help to just start typing a website I use often to have the bookmark appear without using the keyword. Thanks
  4. Ok I found this blog post https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/better-iterm-integration-in-alfred/ I will take a look at this. Are we overcomplicating things? It worked fine for me before, but now I have to get involved in custom scripts. Thanks
  5. thanks both, will give them a try, but not sure why prioritisation is not an option too. Although I have not been using Alfred for long, so will leave it up to the experts if the current method is considered better.
  6. Both iMac and Macbook have this, must have been a recent update (after which Alfred did not work I had to manually restart it)... Previously I chose iTerm to run terminal commands when I used the prefix > But iTerm is no longer in the applications list. The Custom command used for Terminal which its now using does not work for iTerm when I change "Terminal" to "iTerm" So I cant get iTerm to be the default terminal application following the recent update Thanks
  7. Hi. Following up on this, I would like to ask how to prioritise apps too... I use Alfred mostly to find and start apps. Sometimes an app I want is not even in the list. The list shows files I dont even know! For example, I went to start the app "integrity", and I typed "integ" and it did not come up. What I would like is to list matching apps first, then any files. My second most popular search is for files within certain folder, e.g. Documents. I rarely use it to search contacts (I could remove contacts I suppose, but I may want to one day) but contacts are coming up higher than files. There's a lot of php files coming up from website backups or development projects I have, so they should come up at the bottom. So basically, it would be much better/quicker for us to prioritise the type or location of results. Thanks!
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