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  1. Absolutely great, thank you very much for that! Topic can be closed/moved/deleted, solution found.
  2. As I understand it, file filters only search in the specified "Scope". However, I'm thinking of something more like a "dynamic" scope, entered in the user's query. In the file filter solution, I assume I'd have to create a filter for each (set of) folders I'd like to search in. Which is OK, but not ideal. Or am I missing something?
  3. One of the major annoyances I have when wanting to go inside a folder that's in some complicated path is actually writing the whole path. In Terminal, I can define aliases and use Tab completion, but I am hoping Alfred can help me achieve more and easier. I know it already has path navigation, with included Tab completion. But here's a scenario I'm thinking of and suggesting for possible implementation. Say I have a couple of PDFs in a path such as `$HOME/Dropbox/school/cs/1st-year/swift/problem-books-swift/` and I know the author of the book is Alfred McMac. But maybe
  4. @Andrew Thank you very much, sir! Top quality support, as always!
  5. @Andrew I know, I do that sometimes, but maybe I'm impatient enough to choose the file-search method.
  6. I'm sorry, what do you mean by this exactly? Generally, I'm launching apps directly, i.e. calling Alfred by cmd+space and typing the name of the app. However, in the situation we're talking about, I noticed that they do not appear in the results until I open them for the first time. So if it's the first time I'm calling an app that was just installed, I open it with cmd+space, then another space, so I get the apostrophe in the search bar, as if I'm searching for files. This is what I do and this is what causes the issue, I reckon. Is this what you meant?
  7. Hello everybody, I've seen that this was briefly discussed here before, but since the OP didn't reply further, I assume the thread was closed, since I cannot reply there. So I reopen the issue. I'm running the latest Alfred, v 3.3 [801] on a 2016 13" MacBook Pro with TouchBar, also running the latest official Sierra 10.12.3 (non-beta). The issue I'm having is as described there: Download any non-MAS app; Open it with Alfred after installation by drag & drop in /Applications Alfred hangs, its window blocking the Gatekeeper confirmation b
  8. Hello everybody! This is my first post here and I have close to zero experience with programming. But I really love Alfred and it replaced Spotlight since the first day for me. Sorry if the question is dumb or misplaced, but there's really only one thing I miss from Spotlight, which I don't know how to get in Alfred. And that is "Show all in Finder". Concrete example: I search Alfred for "tags school" and it displays all the files I tagged "school". How can I make it open a Finder window with all of them? The only way I found to do this was to write as if I were searching in Spotlight,
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