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  1. That fixed it! It seems to work great alongside any of Alfred's modes. Dash obviously closes when it loses focus in this mode but I think it works better for me than the other way around. Thanks both for your help getting to the bottom of this...
  2. Thanks for the reply I've uploaded the videos to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ryper72nbe70gez/AACp8B3VlpsSop_5ZGTTANd-a?dl=0 I can confirm that "Dismiss main window when I activate a different app" is disabled I managed to get the "Assign to..." option in the dock. To do this I had to create an extra space via Mission Control. The "spaces" that I have aren't spaces with desktops, they are the full screen versions of iTerm2 and Sublime Text (you can see in the video). Does that help to understand the problem?
  3. Switching to compatibility mode does restore the previous working behaviour. Once I trigger Dash from Alfred I still switch space to the default one (where dash runs) but Alfred comes with me to that space: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzNk1K41aEPGajJNVzhaelRmMGs/view?usp=sharing Changing the Mission Control setting doesn't fix the problem in Alfred "Standard mode" but does generally break my expected behaviour of the OS (e.g. switching to Sublime won't switch to that space any more). This is true (as you can see in the videos I have uploaded). The problem seems to be
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies. My answers below: I don't have that option. This is all I have on that right click menu: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzNk1K41aEPGWjllTnF5TjdJb1k/view?usp=sharing Alfred was set to "default screen" but I changed it to "active screen" and the behaviour was the same. I also just tried updating to the 2.7.3 pre-release but I can't see where to turn compatibility mode on. I also uploaded a video showing the bug in action: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzNk1K41aEPGb1Vfb3JrRTQyT0E/view?usp=sharing Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the response. I've mentioned it to the author of Dash and I'll update here if I hear back. In the meantime I'll try the pre-release with the compatibility mode...
  6. There was a change in the latest release of Alfred (v2.7.2 (407)) which has broken one of my use-cases for it. I use Dash and their Alfred integration. I have my text editor in a different OSX Space and I'm normally in my text editor when I want to use dash. If I trigger the dash workflow from a secondary space (e.g. by selecting "javascript" to look up a javascript method) then my screen slides back into the first space (I think as Dash is opened) but the Alfred popup is still on my secondary space so I need to switch back to that in order to complete my lookup. If Dash is already ope
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