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  1. Thank you. I was not aware of the FN key functionality. Now it is white Here is my modified version:
  2. Do you have any idea how to fix the pink color of the selected text? Doesn't play nicely with the rest of the theme.
  3. Awesome theme! Made me switch to Alfred 3
  4. Regarding the first case: "SystemManual" works for me when using Spotlight. "pre-76" does not work for both, too.
  5. Here is the exact problematic filename: `eccenca-DataPlatform-v6.0.0-pre-76-g349dd38-SystemManual.txt` I can search for everything before `v6`, for terms after it I need to prepend an asterisk. Spotlight finds it without problems.
  6. Description ======== When searching for files containing dots in there names, the part after the first dot is not matched. Steps to Produce/Reproduce --------------------------------- Consider the following file name: prefix-foo.suffix_bar.extension When searching for 'prefix' or 'foo' the file will be shown by Alfred. But if I enter 'suffix' or 'bar' the file is not shown. Expected Results -------------------- The file is shown as match when I enter 'bar'. Workarounds --------------- When I enter '*bar', the file is shown. Other Information -------------------- Alfred version: v2.8.2 (432) OS X version: 10.11.3