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  1. Regarding the first case: "SystemManual" works for me when using Spotlight. "pre-76" does not work for both, too.
  2. Here is the exact problematic filename: `eccenca-DataPlatform-v6.0.0-pre-76-g349dd38-SystemManual.txt` I can search for everything before `v6`, for terms after it I need to prepend an asterisk. Spotlight finds it without problems.
  3. Description ======== When searching for files containing dots in there names, the part after the first dot is not matched. Steps to Produce/Reproduce --------------------------------- Consider the following file name: prefix-foo.suffix_bar.extension When searching for 'prefix' or 'foo' the file will be shown by Alfred. But if I enter 'suffix' or 'bar' the file is not shown. Expected Results -------------------- The file is shown as match when I enter 'bar'. Workarounds --------------- When I enter '*bar', the file is shown. Other Information -------------------- Alfred version: v2.8.2 (432) OS X version: 10.11.3