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  1. Problem solved. Sorry guys. It was LittleSnitch.
  2. I was exited to download v3 of Alfred and went to upgrade my v2 licence. After uninstalling v2 and installing v3, my new license code sent via email will not work. Is the server down? I've restarted. Is there something I could do on my end? I want to get my workflows back.
  3. That did it. The restart worked. I feel dumb now. Thanks.
  4. This is conserning the 1password integration with Alfred. I just bought a new 1Password license and I starteded noticing a missing icon in 1click bookmarks. I previously had 1Password as a trail and I remember the "lock" icon appearing. I am running 1password version 5.3.2. Here's what it looks like: (generic app icon also shows in alfred launcher) I'm on El Capitan GM Public Beta on a 2015 iMac 5K Functionally, it works perfect... but that missing icon sort of bugs me. I want it to come come up correct. This is NO big problem at all, but I just want to figure this one out. Would anyone
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