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  1. Thanks for this excellent support, Vero. Before I saw this post I reindexed Spotlight, using Alfred's Advanced tab -- using terminal and also giving terminal permissions to delete the Spotlight-V100. I let the indexing run overnight (probably didn't take that long). This morning things seem to be back to normal.
  2. This seems to be a new issue for me. When I pop up Alfred and starting typing in something -- e.g., name of a Word document I've been working on, a folder, an application -- Alfred at first displays a Google search. Then a few seconds (2-3) later, it finally displays a list of documents, folders, etc that match what I've typed. After this, the list pops up instantly, as it always has in the past. I'm not sure how long it takes before the delay starts again. I'm on an M1 Mac mini, macOS 11.2.2, 16 GB memory, 1 TB storage. Latest version of Alfred.
  3. I'm using Alfred 4.0.5 and macOS 10.15. Workflow is attached. Hmmm... I'm not sure how to share the workflow. I've exported it but don't see how to upload it to this forum. My workflow is super simple. A hotkey and an Open File with Postbox app copied to the Open File so that the passed through Finder selection is opened in Postbox. But nothing happens. FWIW, when I trigger this workflow with logging on I get: [21:52:49.197] Open File[Hotkey] Processing complete [21:52:49.205] Open File[Hotkey] Passing output '' to Open File It seems to be passing nothing to O
  4. Follow up to my own post: I also have and use KeyboardMaestro. So I tried recreating this as a macro. Same process: tell Finder to open the Finder selection in (in this case) Postbox. Same trigger (shift-command-backslash). It works fine. So this seems to be something with Alfred. I'm puzzled. It's probably my fault but I can't figure out how.
  5. I used to have a very simple workflow to Open a File, typically for sending a Finder selection to my email app as an attachment. It always worked in Mail, and in Postbox. I have a shortcut of shift-command-backslash. Always worked! Now it's not working. First, I deleted the shortcut, and I couldn't type the old shift-command-backslash. Was something else stealing the keystrokes? I couldn't find anything. And when I quit Alfred and typed the shortcut on a file, I get an error chirp sound. Meaning (I assume) macOS was telling it recognized what I was typing but didn't know how to do
  6. I should add that I meant "worse" only in the visual sense. Everything works just fine of course (thanks Vero for pointing that this is now the actual location of the applications).
  7. That actually made it worse for me. Now I get apps in /System/Volumes/Data/Applications but NOT in the regular /Applications folder.
  8. If it helps, here is the debug report from the workflow of a becite for "Langacker" (no quotes in the original search). It looks like it's doing the search but then running into a problem. And it seems to only fail on this particular search, so I guess it's relating to one of the returned entries. Starting debug for 'Bookends Tools' [2018-01-29 19:22:35][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] JSON error: Unescaped control character around character 7145. in JSON: {"items": [ { "uid": "57630", "arg": "57630", "title": "Casad 1985", "subtitle": "Inside' an
  9. Did the latest update to Bookends (13.0.5) slightly break this great workflow? It used to work fine for me, now stalls with the message "Searching database..." or just reverts to Google when it should do a search, for example with becite.
  10. Absolutely awesome!!!!!! I love it. Is there a way to REMOVE a tag or tickle date?
  11. Tested with Papers2 (as before, I had to Copy URL ... to get the app cache to refresh). Perfect!
  12. I use Papers2 as well. I'd like to hear more about what you're doing here, I don't quite understand. It would be great if the Send URL workflow could be used to send a URL to Papers2.
  13. That got it. Thanks! Great workflow!
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