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  1. Hi there, thank you very much for this workflow, it saved me from having to use terminal commands to do all of this. You mentioned having a lossless option - is that still in the works? Also - how may I iterate the optimization recursively through subfolders, because I selected a folder with images and folders, which also had images and folders, but the operation only affected the first tier, not the subfolders.
  2. Hi ramiro, great job on the image optimizing workflow - thank you! I noticed you built this quite a while ago, I was wondering if you were going to indeed include a lossless option to your image optim workflow? 

  3. Hi deanishe, I downloaded your convert workflow, and I was hoping you could either explain how I could add a unit, or if you could add a unit and provide an update. I am dealing with meteorology and I wanted to be able to convert inches of mercury (inHg) to millibars and vice versa. 1inHg = 33.86mb. I like the convenience of the workflow so if you could add that, that would be awesome! Let me know if you can show me or just do it.

    1. deanishe


      This is explained in the documentation: https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-convert#adding-custom-units

      Specifically, enter "convinfo" into Alfred, and choose "Edit Custom Units". The unit_definitions.txt file will open in your default editor. Add "1 inHg = 33.86 millibars" at the bottom of the file and save it. The workflow now understands inches of mercury.

      If you need more information, please see the Pint documentation (links are contained in th...

    2. millertime


      Thank you very much.

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