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  1. @gerrymcil, that's exactly what the screenshot two posts above you covers. Let me know if you have any issues with it!
  2. Could you please elaborate on how to do this for a newbie like me? I'd also like to make pasting the default action, as opposed to copying to the clipboard. Thanks!
  3. Wow, conigs, not bad! Looking forward to it...
  4. Nick, 2.0b1 absolutely nails it! All I did was put my API key in settings.plist, and viola, everything works! You truly rock. Any way we can send a few bucks your way to say thank you? Thanks again!
  5. Hey Nick! Thanks for all your dedication -- I really appreciate it! I made the necessary adjustments in the PHP, and here's what I get in central Texas:
  6. I did some more testing, and it appears the Next 24 Hour issue only occurs if daySummary returns clear. If Dark Sky reports something other than clear for daySummary, it seems to work correctly. I tried reviewing the darksky.php so see if I could determine what's going on, but I must admit, my knowledge of programming is woefully lacking. If anyone could help, I'm sure we'd all greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. Hey Nick, Just wanted to let you know, I tried the inline version of your workflow, and it looks great! I like how it shows all the results within Alfred, and I don't mind editing the settings within the workflow itself. Just one thing, when I use the LAT and LON of say, New York, it displays the results for Now, Next Hour, and Next 24 Hours. When I use my location in Texas, it's not showing the Next 24 Hours. Any thoughts? Please keep up all the great work, and thanks again!
  8. Seems Nick has released a new Dark Sky workflow for Alfred 2. Haven't gotten a chance to install it yet (I'm at work), but let me know what you think! http://hackmake.org/2012/11/dark-sky-alfred-extension (goto the bottom)
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