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  1. So What I understand there is no link to all sound files...
  2. Which workflow's folder. The one I'm Working on?
  3. The new option for sound "Outputs-Play sound" I have installed exactly to "~/Library/Sounds" and restarted Alfred But sounds not showing in Dialog only system sound files.. What am I doing wrong.....
  4. Thank you, I found this out minutes after I posted this... Was waiting for other solutions like a script...
  5. I would like to select the file but a prompt to open it else it will show file in finder... Cheers ヅ, Bill 
  6. This is great thank you.. One small question how can I configure it to use iCloud, Now all notes are going to gmail notes?? Thank you, Cheers ヅ, Bill  Tuesday, October 20, 20156:56 PM
  7. I created a workflow to search in a specific folder when I select a file and then will show in finder window. Now I would Like to be ask if I would like to open it or show in finder? Any ideas? Cheers ヅ, Bill  Monday, October 19, 201512:11 PM
  8. Once Again Thank you Shawn you have been very helpful.
  9. Thank you Shawn, it works great Now I got to figure out how you did it and work on my PHP coding...
  10. Hello, I not good at all in Applescripting and I would like to utilize the large text display in Alfred. Also my coding is a bit sloppy... Any suggestions would be great. I am making a workflow to convert a date into roman numeral date. Once done will be posting the finished results.. on alfred_script(q) try tell (current date) set yearInt to its year set monthInt to its month as integer set dayInt to its day end tell set defaultDateString to (dayInt & monthInt & yearInt) as text tell current application set userDateString to text returned of (display dialog
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