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  1. Thanks @deanishe - the smart folders workaround worked great!
  2. There are files that show up in the general "file search" that do now show up when using a matching "file filter" search in an Alfred workflow. HOWEVER - opening the file once ensures that the file is now able to be indexed by the file filter. I'm assuming this is due to some older file version or whatnot bug... but I cannot add the same filetype twice to the file filter or the like. How can I ensure that files show up without needing to be explicitly opened? For illustration purposes: (1) Searching all files (empty_QL shows up) (2) Using File Filter (empty_QL doesn't show up) (3) Alfred File Filter "Sketch" Workflow
  3. For future reference - this seems to be this issues, related to my Catalina upgrade when changing machines:
  4. I have recently moved computers. On my new computer, all files are referred to by the full path of the home directory, including "/System/Volumes/Data/Users/" etc.. See Old computer: See New Computer:
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