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  1. I appreciate that, Vitor. I use this DownVid daily - along with several other of your excellent workflows. Thank you for all that.
  2. I just ran the Alfred debugger and I see this message: Starting debug for 'DownVid' [2017-05-13 09:13:54][ERROR: action.script] youtube-dl does not work on Python 2.7.10 and prior. You will need to have a more recent version in your PATH. I haven't changed anything on my system so I'm a bit confused.
  3. Hi Vitor, The latest version of DownVid (1.21.3) seems to have stopped working for Vimeo and Youtube. Did something change?
  4. Hey Vero, I have Alfred v3.3 (build 801) running on OS X 10.12.3 - late 2013 Mac Pro - and everything works as expected EXCEPT when I right-click (Crtl-click) on the bowler (using my Magic Trackpad) the hat flashes when I click but the Preference pane doesn't open. I can open the preferences using the "command+," method though. Anything you noticed?
  5. I am using 10.12.3 on a late 2013 Mac Pro and the Dualpane workflow functions fine for me. Two Finder windows line up correctly as specified by the default "bounds" with my default set to "icon" view.
  6. Thanks, Colin. Very nice workflow and a good time saver for me too.
  7. It may have taken you too long but it was certainly worth it. It works AND you've solved the issue I had with the other Calendar workflows -- namely, that the script needed a delay to execute properly if Calendar wasn't open. Thanks for the hard work -- I, and I hope others, really appreciate it. PS. Any chance of adding a Notification Alert to the workflow?
  8. I suppose we must be in different time zones because you are very fast ;-) Thanks for adding Contacts support to "r this." Works like a charm.
  9. This is my favorite - and most used - workflow. And just looking at my list of reminders I see that most are to remind me to do something with someone - someone who is most likely in my Contacts. So an "r this" that pulls from the OSX Contacts app would suit me. Maybe others too?
  10. Same issue here -- if Calendar app is not open the workflow will open the app but nothing happens. However, if Calendar is open then the workflow executes as expected. It's a very nice workflow and I assume the issue is related to the script executing before Calendar finishes opening (if closed).
  11. There are several good workflow contributions to create Reminders and Notes -- can someone tackle a workflow to create new events in Calendar? In Alfred v1 there used to be something like this -- not a workflow obviously.
  12. That was fast. Thanks for the revision and the info. Much appreciated.
  13. Workflow works great for me. However I have two (2) Lists in Reminders -- one is "Calendar" located On My Mac and the other is "Reminders" located on iCloud. Is it possible to select which List the reminder that this workflow creates goes to? I'm sure it's a change in the Applescript but I'm stumped. Thanks.
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