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  1. I love this app! However, I am a beginning and would like to use it to its full potential. For example, I currently type callf (for facetime) and type the contact's name to call someone on facetime with the UNI CAL workflow. Is it possible to set a button on the iOS remote so I can call that contact on facetime with one click?
  2. I have recently installed Alfred (the latest version) on the OSX and downloaded the Alfred remote app from App Store. I was able to connect and use the workflows after the purchase of power packs. However, I've noticed that the connection is quite unstable. I have never been able to reconnect flawless. I would always have to reboot my phone and my computer and often restart the alfred server by unchecking and checking the remote option. The iphone sees my computer and when I click it it shows the wifi picture and says it's connecting. Please let me know how I can have a secure and successful connection without having to constantly restart my devices. Thank You.
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