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  1. While understanding the need of not breaking things, can there be an opt-in option to have Alfred automatically download and update itself without user inputs? Thanks!
  2. @Vero Thanks! Sorry for being a bit unclear, I had clipboard/snippets working before in macOS 10.14 but now it's stopped working since I upgraded to the macOS 10.15/Catalina public beta 4. I do have all the permission enabled. Can this move back to bug issue even if it may be related to using a beta macOS? Thanks a lot!
  3. Alfred: version 4.0.4 [1111] mac: 10.15 Beta (19A558d) Snippets are not expanding, and clipboard history is also not inserted (after selecting an item in the clipboard history pane, the clipboard is overwritten by that item [expected] but not inserted/typed [bug]). Thanks!
  4. I second this opinion. To keep my menu bar less cluttered, I hide the Alfred icon. I like the command+, shortcut but yes, the hat serves less functionality than the cog.
  5. Now that the public version of el capitan is released with a somewhat improved spotlight, I found some nice features that I'd like to see in alfred: inline display of weather instead of launching web browser and natural language input for example.
  6. I have a keyword-triggered workflow which does its work in the background, and I want to display a notification when the task is done for some short duration. Currently, I did that by outputs>post notification. However, with this method, although the alert automatically goes away, the history notification remains in the notification center. What I want is a notification that appears for a while and then completely disappears. How to clear it from the notification center or is there an alternative way to achieve this temporary notice?
  7. Hi, is it possible to set magic mouse gesture (e.g. 2/3 finger tap, etc) as a trigger for workflows? I'm currently using bettertouchtool/magicperfs to achieve that but would like to incorporate that function into alfred (e.g. three finger tap -> to simulate middle click for browsers:open in new tab/close tab).
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