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  1. Why does the name of the app make a difference? I'm not sure I want to post the name of the app. Let's say the app is "Preview.app"
  2. My workflow will open an app and then open a file connected to that app. I then want to automatically fill in a text field with some designated text and then press the return key as an automatic response, if possible. The other items in my original post aren't important. If I can do the first thing in the post, I'm conten with that.
  3. I've created a workflow that opens a file in a specific app and the file requires a password. Is there a way to insert a string of text into the workflow after a file is opened so that I won't have to type and retype a password that is connected to the file? And if there is a way, is there also a way to keep the string of text in the workflow hidden? I guess I wouldn't necessarily need to keep it hidden because the chances of someone knowing the input key to open the workflow is probably quite slim. Thanks for any help!
  4. Thank you again. That fit the ticket quite well ….and as you can see …I'm smilin'!
  5. Is it possible to make a snippet that would have a date format such as: %Y-%m-%d in the snippet. For example, I'd like to make a snippet that would have embedded in the paragraph that expands, a date that would be today's date or maybe a date that would be 10 days from now. I tried to put '%Y-%m-%d' into the expanded sentence after the keyword is pressed but all that happened was %Y-%m-%d showed up in the middle of the sentence. So, is it possible to do this or perhaps not. It's not a "do or die" thing with me. Alfred is really looking great and to do this would really bring a smile to my face. Thanks for any help.
  6. WOW! That response was quick! I'm impressed! And …I appreciate the tip and have added my password manager to the list for Alfie (we have pet names for one another … he calls me "stupid" and I call him Alfie) to ignore. I'm lovin' the version 3! I really believe that it will help me remove a couple of other third party apps. No sense in keeping those others updated when I have Alfie. I might just take him to lunch today …
  7. Is there a way to selectively remove items from the clipboard history? Normally, I want to have items attached to the clipboard to remain. But, if I've copied and pasted a password, that's something that I would only want to remain for a limited amount of time (like maybe a day or less).
  8. Thanks vitor for the response. Actually, I'm not trying to build a solution to 1P. And in reality I'm just trying to gain a shortcut into entering my own website for designing my website. I'm the administrator of the site but I have the settings set so that I need to enter in my username and password in order to get into the site. It's strictly a "how can I get the infomation into those fields without typing it in all the time" issue. (it's the only site that I may visit several times a day or week). So, my site is at abjoyce.us (no password or username for it - that info is strictly for the development of the site). But, if I need to login to something else just to keep from entering in the login at my own site, then it doesn't make too much sense for me to do that. I did take a look at the Bugnot workflow, but I'm afraid it's something beyond my comprehension. Maybe I should just use a small code with TextExpander to fill in what I need to do. That would save "a little" typing. Thanks for your advice. I do appreciate it. But, I think the JavaScript writing is a little more than my abilities. Thanks anyway. BTW - Loved the "Having said that" clip!
  9. I am trying to design a workflow that will open a web page and then automatically fill in the username and password and then activate the login button. I don't use 1password. I have the workflow opening the web page but I'd like to take it further. Can Alfred's workflows do this kind of thing?
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