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Found 10 results

  1. This might be more of a request for a workflow, but it would be pretty cool if Alfred offered support for Google Assistant via the SDK, like MacAssistant. I'd like to be able to interact with Siri or the Google Assistant by activating Alfred and then switching to voice assistant mode...
  2. Hey, I don’t know if this is the right place at all to ask, but is there any way I can link my Alfred from my mac to work with google assistant to say, turn off my lights? I’m using apps like Smart Life and Magic Home, but ideally what I’d love to do is to just type in “turn off lights” and it will send a command to my google assistant to process my commands. Not sure if anyone has a workflow like that?
  3. Hey, Just wondering if there are any plans to support an Alexa Skill (or equivalent) with Alfred Remote? If not is there any chance that the APIs (or mechanism) used for Alfred Remote could be exposed so that others can produce solutions for AI assistants? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi, So I'm a newbie, but I've managed to install Google assistant using terminal and can access it there. I want to use this alfred workflow http://www.packal.org/workflow/google-assistant to launch Google Assistant in the background but can't get the workflow to talk to python. Currently I have to type " source env/bin/activate and then: python -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.pushtotalk The way the workflow is originally does not correspond to the steps I take to launch Google Assistant using Terminal. Can someone help me modify the workflow script to allow me to use Alfred to trigger Google Assistant? Many Thanks, Stephan
  5. Hi @Chrisnunez, welcome to the forum. The "Workflow Help & Questions" forum would be more appropriate, which is where I'll move it to. A search of the forum turns up this Google Assistant workflow. I couldn't say whether it can do what you want, as I don't use Google Assistant.
  6. My first shared workflow and can most likely be improved. Recently switched from Toodist to Tick Tick but was frustrated by lack of Alfred (and Google Assistant) integrations. Also using the same script with IFTTT to enable basic Google Home support for Tick Tick. Instructions: Add to Alfred. Add your email adress and password in the workflow settings. Default is that they are created in the inbox. If you prefer, you can change the bin/bash script to python tick.py -t '{query}' -p PROJECTID to place it in a specific list. List/projectid can be found in the url while using web version of Tick Tick. File: https://jmp.sh/Q161DZS Questions? Questions ask away and I will do my best to answer. No plans (nor knowledge) for any more advanced features but if anyone would like to use any of it to build something more advanced then feel free to do so!
  7. thanks for all the responses guys. There are a couple of things I wanted to point out - some said above that alfred by definition is a personal assistant and is not likely to be used at an enterprise level. My response is just b/c it isn't historically associated with enterprise, that doesn't mean it cannot be tailored to fit enterprise. For example Slack was born out of IRC chat (something that was documented quite nicely by Scott Berkun in A Year without Pants). - there is a point that people won't appreciate/like selling alfred workflows on the forum/packal etc. Alfred (and the forum and packal etc) need not even be the distribution point. As a matter of fact the product itself need not be restricted to alfred users (for example the business logic can be wrapped by an api, which get accessed by alfred and wox for windows for example). In that case the sales channel could be a stand-alone website (of course that would entail kind of reinventing the sales channel from scratch, as opposed to getting on known market places like app store etc.. but that just makes it a bit harder, not impossible). Anyways let me explain where I'm coming from a bit more: I've worked as an engineer for many start-ups, and then I somehow started running my own (lobolabshq.com) and started specializing in setting up processes at start-ups so that they can be "remote ready", after that I scale their team by hiring remote engineers (you can see a detailed description of one such experience here with vibereel.com). So when we talk about "remote ready" processes, there are processes/protocols that I have setup in many start-ups that just proved to work again and again, but obviously there is always a lot of room for improvement. So for example I created a protocol for creating an issue on jira/github/gitlab etc, protocols for slack communication (ie users have to put their usual availability hours on their slack profile, slack channel prefix where each prefix covers a project or group of projects and usually have a development channel, a schedule channel (people check in/out) and a commitments channel (people put what they're committing to accomplishing that day using ticket numbers etc etc). As we all know slack isn't the place to document such protocols, so I documented these processes in Google docs (effectively making google docs a wiki). The thing is that google docs isn't meant to be a wiki, it just stores documents and you can improvise the structuring of your documents as you want. You can set google docs that explains that structure all you want, but you'll still have people who are confused about this labyrinth of documentation. Anyways long story short: I envisioned alfred and alfred like quick launcher apps (for other platforms like wox) to be the command line tool for the average Joe in start-ups where they can access all these docs and actually work with them. So me logging my own hours using an alfred workflow is a very simple "action" of a laundry list of common actions that are performed in these remote start-ups. I can probably release a couple of them free on alfred, but then sell a big collection of them as a package to enterprise. Probably part of the package would be "scaffolding" a whole google drive/slack structure for a remote start-up. Providing such a service not only would make people more productive, it would also give them a time-tested process wrapped in a command line that will just make them more effective in what they do. This is my vision, and I honestly think people would be happy to pay for it. Obviously the key here is scale: I'm not interested to be hired by someone to do their custom workflow and get a McDonald's salary, I want something I can package and sell at scale to make some "full time"-able coin. Bonus: I gotta admit this idea has pivoted a lot.. Initially I was thinking of simply creating a chrome add on that wrapped google docs with a wiki interface (see this fake press release) But then I liked the simplicity and power of alfred. So now I'm in Alfred land
  8. Hi, thanks for your answer. It is kind of sci-fi, I have reinstalled OS X, just for fun :-( , no change. I will investigate yet. It irritates me. I don't know about anything of such nature (monitoring clicks). Better Touch Tool I have installed and I am trying now but only after your message and btw thanks for the tip :-). If anybody has any idea, it would be great. Thanks! I have here installed these apps: Alfred 3.app Mission Control.app App Store.app Notes.app Automator.app Photo Booth.app BetterTouchTool.app Photos.app Calculator.app Postgres.app Calendar.app Preview.app Chess.app QuickTime Player.app Contacts.app Reminders.app DVD Player.app Remote Desktop Connection.app Dashboard.app Safari.app Dictionary.app Siri.app FaceTime.app Slack.app Font Book.app Spotify.app Google Chrome.app Stickies.app HipChat.app Sublime Text 2.app Image Capture.app SyncAnybarPorts.app IntelliJ IDEA.app System Preferences.app Launchpad.app TextEdit.app Mail.app Time Machine.app Maps.app Utilities Messages.app VirtualBox.app Microsoft Messenger.app iBooks.app Microsoft Office 2011 iTunes.app Microsoft Remote Desktop.app Activity Monitor.app Grab.app AirPort Utility.app Grapher.app Audio MIDI Setup.app Keychain Access.app Bluetooth File Exchange.app Migration Assistant.app Boot Camp Assistant.app Script Editor.app ColorSync Utility.app System Information.app Console.app Terminal.app Digital Color Meter.app VoiceOver Utility.app Disk Utility.app
  9. Hi @eyals Welcome to the forum! Yes, snippets should be migrated from Alfred 2 to Alfred 3 with no issues. Did you use the Alfred Migration Assistant, which should've popped up when installing Alfred 3 on the Mac where you had Alfred 2 installed? If you use Time Machine or any form of backup, look for your original Alfred.alfredpreferences. If you were syncing, you'll find this in your sync folder location If you were not syncing, you'll find it in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ You can then follow the steps to re-run the migration here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/migration/#re-run Also, please note that we don't recommend using Google Drive, as it's not sufficiently fast or reliable at syncing, and doesn't deal with file conflicts smoothly. Dropbox is the most reliable solution for syncing preferences at this time. More information on syncing prefs: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/advanced/sync/ Cheers, Vero
  10. Hoping this is the right place to post. I've been searching everywhere (this site and the web) and while I'm sure someone has made a version of the workflow I need I'm just as certain I'm using the wrong search string. Why it's needed: I'm finding that the thing that's taking the most time in my weekly workflow is collecting images and screenshots, uploading them to my wordpress site, gathering the URLs for all the images, then pasting the URLs into the weekly shownotes for my podcast—shownotes that I have to upload to the podcast media host which then places them to all the destinations (including my wordpress site). I work in Markdown for speed and have managed to find a way to auto-code all of the links and notes I collect during the week from Google Sheets into my Shownotes Markdown Template, so that takes about 30 seconds to generate every Friday (down from it taking hours - so that's great). Gathering URLs for any and all images for the shownotes, though, takes For. Ever. What is needed: A workflow that would— go to a specific Google Drive* or Dropbox folder download (or otherwise "get") all the images in that folder put/move/upload/place those images into a specific wordpress.org/self-hosted WP site's media library provide me the URLs to those newly uploaded images I rather expected I'd be able to find, if not one complete workflow, at least a couple or several I could cobble together—but no luck, and my workflow building skills aren't up to speed yet. I'd managed to get a python script to work on my iPhone/Editorial app once — but not pulling from Google Drive and not with multiple images. Any ideas/guidance/links/tutorials = much appreciated! *(an assistant uses GD right now, but could use either)
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