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  1. Hey all and happy new year ? I've read through this but it doesn't really specify how I can actually do what I want to do. What I want is to be able to call an Alfred script filter from applescript similar to how I can call Keyboard Maestro macros with this : osascript -e tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script ... -- where the name of the script goes end tell
  2. I've been writing a lot of workflows lately and its been annoying to have to open aflred right click on a workflow and open either the terminal or finder to it. Here is my `wfd` and `wft` commands that do just that. V0.4 - Updated to support non standard workflow directories: Relative Path
  3. Introduce my new v3 theme for Alfred, Yo Alfred Features: Alfred main color (dazzling purple) Dark and light theme Blur Transparant Large Icon How to Download Click the download link below the theme name Save as the file (keep the extension to be .alfredappeareance) Dark Theme https://goo.gl/eLpRwE Light Theme https://goo.gl/xn4rDy Interested in Material Design Theme? http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9242-material-design-theme-alfred-v3/
  4. I have updated my description of how I use Karabiner in combination with different workflows and keyboard maestro macros. I think it's insanely powerful in combination. Perhaps some will find this idea interesting and would like to implement something like that too on their machines, the only current requirement is being on El Captain as this software is being rewritten for Sierra still and is thus not compatible. The most amazing thing though is that there really is no longer a barrier to adding a new hotkey. I don't have to twist my hands. I don't have to try and remember the shortcuts as first, I use them daily, and secondly, I can map my hotkeys naturally into their appropriate sections. Ultimately I am always two keypresses away from everything that I can dream of doing. And if you don't find this idea interesting, you can just see what workflows I personally use and love and there are many of them. P.S. I hope it is okay that I share links to the workflows like that, if any author takes offence in how I present this information, I am willing to take down the links. I am also currently in process of trying to understand how to use either awgo or alfred-workflow library to write a goodreads and quora search with autosuggestions workflows so I hope I can share those some time later.
  5. Hello, I sometimes see Alfred taking insane amounts of CPU, making my macbook whizz because of the fan noise. macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and Alfred v. 3.2.1 I was not using Alfred at the time, but taking a backup using hashbackup. I sampled the process: http://pastebin.com/raw/s6dgXZxa Regards
  6. Would it be possible to create a workflow that would list the current Finder tags the user has and fuzzy match search for them and then display them? Alfred gives an option to view these tags : But when you run it, it gives no list of what tags you have : You have to remember what tags you have that you want to search for. It would be awesome if one can type a trigger like 'tags' or use some keyboard shortcut to display all the tags that a user has in their Finder and then you can either arrow up / down to select the one you need or start typing the tag you want and it will match the relevant tags for you. You can also give some contextual info for the tags like number of items that are tagged with this tag as subtext to the tags. Where can I start looking to try and make something like this? It would be extremely useful for me as I have Hazel automatically choose certain tags for some files in a smart way but I don't have an easy way to view these tags and work with them well. This workflow would fix this for me. Thank you for any help.
  7. Probably won't add anything to the discussion but recently I mapped a lot of keys with karabiner to searching selected text for different services. These services, to be exact : Searching by Google can be done from System Preferences already : With Karabiner I can then map these hotkeys to actually nice human reachable keys. I can select text and hold a + space to make google search on it. Hold f and press space to make wiki search on it, g + space to search google images and so on. It is incredibly fast. I also have a ton of file filters now that Karabiner allows me to map things to well placed 'hotkeys'. For a lot of people file filters may not be a new thing but I hope this post inspires some people to set up some file and web filters of their own. Also recently one interesting project was open sourced (https://github.com/nathancahill/anycomplete). I now use it all the time to try and correct some words that I often have difficulty typing : I am curious if anyone here also uses web searches with selection? I think they are really really useful.
  8. I love contacts preview and the fact that I can search for a person through Alfred and get a quick glance over where the person lives, what his social media accounts are, his website and notes I made. The only thing I wish if Alfred was more intelligent about these links. For example here is my Contact card : I can make actionable urls and that is great but I just wish that clicking on the twitter handle of the contact would bring up TweetBot with that profile name, if user has no Twitter Client, than a webpage opens. I use this to open url links in TweetBot (http://robmathers.github.io/tweetbotlinks/) so perhaps if you make that field actionable with url, then TweetBot will open for that link. I wish to have it work for LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr. You can skip MySpace Thank you. I also really wish there was a modifier hotkey to go from here : With a modifier key, straight to Contacts app itself with the user in focus. I also really wish to make a contact filter action that when activated will only search through my contacts. I have a lot of contacts in the Contacts app and I don't want to mix my Alfred search with contacts but I still want to search for them. A dedicated contact search filter would be amazing. I hope these are all possible to do. Thank you a lot.
  9. Hello everyone, when I'm using Alfred to navigate files on a Server that have quite loading times and navigating into large files like layouts, Alfred starts to hang. Like it tries to preview the large Layout and doesn't respond for a couple of seconds until i can keep navigating and it hangs at the next file. This way Alfred becomes unusable for me. is there a way to deactivate the small preview in Alfred? That should fix the issue. Kind regards, Marcel Reuß
  10. I just had a tutorial published recently on JSX programming with examples in Alfed: https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/a-beginners-guide-to-javascript-application-scripting-jxa--cms-27171 Check it out.
  11. I am really curious how do you guys take use of the file system navigation and actions built into Alfred? I just realised that I can 'right arrow' on any file and go to the file system action mode : But I am curious how can I better bring it to use for my own workflow. How do you guys use it, if you do use it at all?
  12. I am curious because just now I realised that I can map it to a single click of left shift with karabiner and it is amazing. Before it was on my right command with a single click too. I also use shift from the keyboard by holding down semicolon so I don't worry if I ever accidentally press shift while writing capital letter. Seriously, an alfred trigger on just the left shift is phenomenal. What are your guy's trigger for opening up Alfred?
  13. Hey, I would love to share my own Alfred Theme called "macOS Dark Theme". It's lightly inspired in spotlight and also have beautiful purple alfred-like details on selector. I hope you have a great time using it! You can download it here
  14. Hello all- I'm quite new to the var/arg step in Alfred, but what I need to accomplish is this: Keyword to input first query, in this case {first name}. Store first name value as variable. Second input to be stored, in this case {last name}. Store last name value as variable. Pass Alfred variables into NSApplescript to be converted to applescript variables. I understand that you can simply use q as the variable for a single input, but how do you reference multiple Alfred-stored variables in the applescript? Thank you so much.
  15. Hi I was trying to create a custom web search on the Alfred forum but I wasn't able to figure it out. Can someone help me out? Or perhaps there is a workflow to search this forum in a fast way? Thanks!
  16. Hello, I created a workflow which search a file name and content of a folder for nvALT application's markdown and text documents through File Filter object. But, it doesn't show a right result that I expected. There are several symptoms that I noticed. - When I search a keyword on nvALT , it shows a right result. - When I search a keyword on Alfred with the workflow , it doesn't show a same result above. - When I search a keyword on Finder , it is same like using Alfred's workflow. - I tried to re-index Spotlight. But, it is still same.
  17. Hello, it would be cool if it would be possible to deactivate the mouseinput in Alfred. The problem i face pretty often, is that i accidentally touch my mouse and as Alfred is in the middle, it often selects a different query. Lately i used Bettertouchtool to change one of my mousebuttons to "Return". As with Alfred 3 i usually just have to type 1 letter and it knows what i want and i can use my mousebutton to press "Return" instead of having to move my right hand. Maybe its an easy implementation Cheers, Frozen
  18. I often find myself wanting to research the last thing I just searched on Alfred. So I thought it would be cool if I could open up my previous search using a keyboard shortcut. I guess it would kind of be like the inbuilt 'Previous path' where, if you are in file navigation, you can open your last path.
  19. Chrome History - Version 1.0 Open Recent Google Chrome Webpages Introduction: This Workflow will use PHP to make a cached copy of Google Chromes SQLite History file. Then you can easily search through your history by keyword. Example Usage: ch will return all your browsers history with the latest at the top. ch alfred will return all pages in your history that have the word alfred in the URL or Page Title. Alfred 2 Workflow Here: https://github.com/manifestinteractive/alfred-workflows/tree/master/Chrome%20History
  20. Hello! I love that everyone is sharing themes, and some of them are really great. It has inspired me to make my own, and subsequently share here today. It's my first one shared, so I hope you enjoy it! I modeled the palette off of the image behind it, so they are paired in a sense. You can find the image here. http://i.imgur.com/BVmUFu0.jpg You can download the theme here... http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02871216674990017755 Please let me know what you think. I'd be happy to model a new theme off of an image if you have a request. Thank you!
  21. Hi, Just uploaded two new (old for me) workflows that I find very useful and thought someone else might like them. They are: Copy/Move To Workflow This workflow starts with a "Add Directory to Copy/Move locations..." File Action to create a list of directories to use as targets for a copy/move operation. If actioned on a file, the directory of the file is saved. Once you have a list, you can use "copy to..." or "move to..." file actions to move or copy files to a previously saved directory. The keyword "cm:fav" is used to view saved directories, remove one, go to one in Alfred Browser, open in Finder, or go to in terminal/iTerm depending on your terminal preset in Alfred. Alfred Browser Toolbox Keywords ff It is a way to lookup a folding in the Alfred browser or in Finder. Very handy. ab:newfile Creates a new file in the directory of the topmost Finder, Commander One, or Path Finder window. ab:newdir Creates a new directory in the directory of the topmost Finder, Commander One, or Path Finder window. ab:open Opens the URL, URI, or file given using the Mac OS X open terminal command. This has a hot key as well to open the current selection with "open". This works with Finder, Path Finder, and Commander One. ab:pdf This is a file filter for PDF files. I have many and this really makes finding them easy. ab:cparent This command will get the currently selected file in Finder, Path Finder, or Commander One and copy it to the parent directory. Works on files or directories. This has a Hotkey as well. ab:mparent This command will get the currently selected file in Finder, Path Finder, or Commander One and move it to the parent directory. Works on files or directories. This has a Hotkey as well. ab:cfile This command will copy the contents of the file to the clipboard. You need to be sure it is a text file. This has a Hotkey as well. Alfred Browser Actions Get File Name This gets the name of the file selected in Alfred Browser and puts it into the clipboard. Get File Size This gets the file size of the file selected in the Alfred Browser and puts it into the clipboard. Create a File Simply creates a file in the directory this file action is ran on. It will ask you for the name and then create it. Create a Directory Same as "Create a File", but creates a directory instead. Copy Relative Home Path This file action calculates the relative path from the user’s home directory and copies it to the clipboard. Paste Relative Home Path This file action copies the absolute path to the clipboard. It will then paste the relative path to the topmost application. Copy Absolute Path This file action copies the absolute path to the clipboard. Paste Absolute Path This file action calculates the relative path from the user’s home directory and copies it to the clipboard. It will then paste the relative path to the topmost application. Copy/Move to Parent Directory These two actions will copy/move the selected file to the parent directory. Copy File Contents to Pasteboard This action will copy the contents of the file to the pasteboard. NOTE: Currently this requires OS X 10.10 because I am using JavaScript for Automation that is only in 10.10. Sorry! Version: 1.5 Date: 12/04/2015 You can get them from my Github account: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred or Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/copymove http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-browser-toolbox
  22. Here's the link: https://github.com/Derimagia/awesome-alfred-workflows I didn't see an awesome list for Alfred so I made one! Would really appreciate it if anyone wants to contribute anything. If you don't know how to do a pull request and you think there's a workflow that's truly "awesome", post an issue! A lot of people seem to be liking it but I want this to be a community thing and right now it's mostly workflows I use.
  23. My personal theme, minimalist, a variation of grays… You can download the theme here : #50_(Shades_Of_Gray)
  24. I've been having trouble with Alfred & BusyContacts for a short while now, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Prior to today, when I searched for Contacts using Alfred, It would show me the contact, and if I wanted to open it, it would switch to BusyContacts, but it would not show the contact - BC would remain on whatever contact was currently open. That is what I was coming here to fix. Just some background - .vcf files are associated with BC and my url scheme is busycontacts://show/{uid} and Open Contacts in Alfred is checked. I found this information http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5550-busycontacts-integration/?hl=busycontactsand started to follow it to see if it would help. It says to uncheck Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts. I did this, and now searching for a contact in Alfred doesn't search for Contacts. And if I re-enable it, and search for a contact, it tells me, in the results, that if I hit enter it will show the contact in Alfred. But it doesn't - it switches to BC, which doesn't show the contact I was searching for. Summary - Alfred doesn't show the contacts like it has been told to do, and BusyContacts (I know this is probably a BC problem) doesn't either. How do I get Alfred to at least show me the contact I'm looking for again?
  25. i recently downloaded alfred remote and i was exited about it ... but alfred remote cannot find alfred 2 , on iphone just showing wi-fi animation same as mac app,nothing happen at all .... in the past i used apps like LK Bridge for ableton live (Remotely control ableton live) or remote app for Playstation and i didn't have any problem with those apps... iphone 5: ip= subnet mask= router= dns= imac (osx yosemite 10.10.4) : IPV4 Address= subnet mask= router= dns= create new user and test? YES reset network setting for both iphone and mac? YES turn off firewall? YES
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