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  1. Alfred V2 Theme "Dark Mode(RED)" enjoy Download
  2. Hi, I've been using Alfred the past month and I've become a huge fan. Yesterday I purchased the PowerPack, and since enabling it, I've run into one issue. Namely, before activating the PowerPack, Alfred used to search for my folders whenever I would type in a folder name. It no longer does that. (For example, I have a couple of folders on my computer called 'Sharon'; when I now type 'Sharon' into Alfred's search bar, only a contact matching Sharon appears; the folders named 'Sharon' no longer show up in the Alfred results). This is the case with nearly any folder search I complete (none of
  3. Hello all, I cannot reveal the "Space" reserved for Finder with Alfred anymore, since mac os updade. Here is exactly what I mean, I have been as precise as possible to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Preconditions: -iMac 27 " running mac os "El Capitan" 10.11 (15A284) -Alfred updated in version 2.8 414 -There is at least 4 spaces set up. -Spaces do not "rearange based on most recent used". -Finder is set to be used on space 3 only. -Safari is set to be displayed on space 1 only. - At least 1 Finder window is opened (on space 3) Steps to reproduce : -open Safari
  4. Manage Mailbox with Alfred. Initial release. A simple workflow with support for composing, searching and opening 'Later' and 'Lists' inboxes. Please don't hesitate to request features or make any other suggestions! Github Download
  5. So um.......... Just recently I purchased Alfred Remote because I absolutely loved Alfred on the mac, but then I ran into an issue. Whenever I want to open the application, It just shows a purple page and then immediately quits. No matter what I do, it just quits. I have tried deleting the app and re-downloading it but that doesn't seem to help. Does this have anything to do with the version of IOS I am on? I am running IOS 9 Beta and I am thinking that this might be the problem. Is this the Problem? I wanted to post a video just to show you guys the problem but couldnt find how to do it . Tha
  6. I've been looking for a workflow that is able to show my upcoming events in Alfred itself, with time and date. All the workflows I've found just open the calendar app on a date, which is not what I'm after. Is there anything like that out there, or would it be simple to make? Cheers.
  7. Malik Trey


    another nice Theme for Alfred called "Crimson" hope u like DOWNLOAD
  8. Hi community I'm not sure if this is the right section for this but i'll give it a shot. Are there any reasons Alfred doesn't utilize some sort of IRC hookup? A lot of this stuff going on in these forums is somewhat geeky and would fit right into the FreeNode network. I bet workflow developers would benefit from each other in (almost) realtime as an alternative to these forums. It could also attract potential customers i believe. It'd require almost nothing from the Alfred team to set this up. I have over 10 years of IRC experience and I'm willing to do some work to make it benefi
  9. Hi there...I'm a graphic designer and music composer i spend some times to come down from my works in design like GUI`s i was a member of an great deskmodding group "Hollywood GUI" we make great works for windows and mac based Skins Themes and GUIs the group is never exist right now (we are not longer students) ... only some members make isolated in their leisure small projects. here a fast edited alfredv2 theme inspirated by a gread GUI "Nickel Cobalt" ***sometimes u need only the right colors to have the right look*** :-) hope you like DOWNLOAD www.m
  10. First, thanks for the wonderful Alfred Remote and for recommending the Anker Stands. Grabbed two from Amazon for only $10 each! It was the perfect stand to encourage me to integrate my iPad air into my Alfred workflow. However, I can’t use with my iPhone 5s (see attached blurry image). Any chance we can get rotation on the iPhone 5s in a future version? Looking forward to the wonderful workflows that the Alfred community are sure to bring to Alfred and Alfred Remote. Great addition the Alfred. ------------------------ Steven http://www.stevencombs.com
  11. Alfred Workflow Builder QuickRef (Download Here) (Github) (Packal) Description Helps locate the files and folders that you most often need to access for building Alfred workflows by listing the files in the order which workflows or data directories you most recently used. This workflow was based of a previous workflow built by Dajun Duan. His workflow can be located here. Controls Enter — Browse in Alfred ⌘ Enter — Reveal in Finder ⌥ Enter — Open in Sublime Text Type in awf and choose. Data Directories Workflows Directory
  12. hey guys! I don't usually ever make videos like this, but this app for OSX users is just too incredible in every way possible .. it has literally changed everything, and I truly feel that this is the future of computing. also went ahead and uploaded all my favorite "workflows" to dropbox and attached the link in the description of the youtube page enjoy!
  13. So I read how Alfred propagates a list of folders that you have visited when you use the Move or Copy feature. My question is, how or when is this list cleared? I futzed a Move and now have /Volumes in the list. Uh.. How can I clear /Volumes or is there a keyboard shortcut to delete folders from this list?? Or is there some way to clear the list (except for the default folders I first saw?
  14. To search, download, show or save lyric. Download & Source Instructions
  15. I just looked through the programming guide for LaunchBar 6 "actions" which are their equivalent of workflows. Alfred, in general, has more comprehensive workflow support (not even counting the GUI layout tool), but LaunchBar 6 has some features it would be nice to see in Alfred: - Scripts can be marked to be killed if they don't return before the next keypress, e.g., user types 'A', script searches the internet, user types 'B', script is killed and re-run with 'AB' This is an overall feature that's been requested many times but I don't think anyone actually mentioned killing the curre
  16. Hi everyone! So apologies if this is a crazy question, but I'm having a little trouble understanding how to pass data between scripts. In my first php script, I successfully copy a url to the clipboard (that works great). What I'd like to do now is pass that url onto the second PHP script so I can use it in another way. 1. I'm not quite sure how to have the second script run AFTER the first one. 2. I'm not sure what variable to use to pass the output on, I know it's not {query}, but is there something similar?
  17. Hey, I've been using the new v2 beta since it's launch. I've been impressed with the features and the possibilities and flexibility of the workflow system, it allowed me to replace TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro to a certain extent and I'm a big fan of less. But there is a feature I really miss from LauchBar when navigating the file system. Let's say I have these folders, and I'm navigating them in Alfred. /A Blue Sky Haze /Red River /Purple Haze I remember the folder I'm looking for had something to do with Haze, and I start writing it by pressing "H", it gives me an empt
  18. Maestro Tell iTunes to play a specific song in your current playlist Filter by title and author Whats the difference between Maestro and the iTunes Mini Player? Well, there is one thing the standard Alfred Mini Player is lacking... search in playlist. It happens (at least to me) very often that i want to hear a specific song in my playlist but don't want to stop listening to the playlist itself. Trivia Source code available at Maestro@Github Powered by alfred.py Alleyoop-support This workflow creates a folder ".maestro-cache" at your home directory which s
  19. Browse and Manage alfred extension (Download) Search and manage the installed extension. Usage alf :: display the installed extensions alf <search> :: search extension by title, author name, and keyword enter :: Browse the installed folder in Alfred ctrl :: Reveal the installed folder in Finder shift :: Execute extension with the first keyword cmd :: Open terminal in the installed folder opt:: Export the extension for distribusion (Default: ~/Downloads, you can refine it in export.json file) export.json The file format is as follows: { "workflow-export" : {"d
  20. Hi, i'm using OSX 10.9.2 i'm using Alfred v2 (243) My Problem is that after some time Alfred can't find 'Mouse' any longer. I was able to fix the Problem by 'Rebuilding the OSX Metadata', a few weeks later Alfred again is unable to find 'Mouse'. Clearing the 'Application Cache' didn't help in any way. The strange thing is that all other prefPanes can still be found 'Keyboard', 'Notifications' and so on... Thanks, Jonas
  21. So, has anyone made or heard of one? Really would love to see the forecast by hour so i don't have to Google it.
  22. Hello Alfred Community ! I am an old french Alfred user, who discovered Alfred v1 on the Mac App Store's selection "Best of 2012" and today I have a question : Why don't put Alfred v2 on the Mac App Store too ? It's really amazing for a lot of features, which are goods for the Alfred's developers and for us, the users : - Big visibility for the app, good tool to be well-know by a lot of mac users (who are ready to pay the license) for the developers - A central for our licenses, so if we change our Mac, it's easy to reinstall Alfred and keep its license - Automaticall
  23. I've created a handy workflow a while ago and I want it to share with you. What it does: You type tattoo in Alfred followed by your idea and it will open up Tattoo related websites like Google Images, Tumblr, Pinterest... DOWNLOAD LINK Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Maybe we can improve this workflow together.
  24. I've run into a problem when trying to execute a Python script in Alfred. The script is basically running a subprocess using a program located at /opt/random/bin/. When I run the script, I get the following debug. [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 127: /bin/bash: /opt/random/bin/tool "/Users/ritashugisha/Downloads/file.txt" "/Users/ritashugisha/Downloads/new.txt": No such file or directory So I looked at the $PATH that Alfred was using... bump = open('/Users/ritashugisha/Desktop/path.txt', 'w') proc = subprocess.Popen(['echo $PATH'], stdout = subprocess.PIPE, shell = True
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