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Found 167 results

  1. It would be really cool if Alfred had an option for storing images in Clipboard History. Plain text is easy to search and light on resources, but limiting if you rely on images (e.g. graphic designer). When using snippets and/or workflow clipboard objects, {clipboard} should be able to inject images stored in the Clipboard. This would obviously increase Alfred's memory usage; if implemented, it should definitely be optional. Maybe even separate settings that set limits on how big a stored image can be (just like the current implementation for text clipping size). Cheers
  2. Hi. Clipboard functionality is not working. Also when I copy text to clipboard from anywhere (cmd+c) the following is appearing in the console. 12/01/16 15:38:48,230 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Error: 11 "database disk image is malformed" 12/01/16 15:38:48,230 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Query: delete from clipboard where item = ? 12/01/16 15:38:48,230 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Path: /Users/dima/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Databases/clipboard.alfdb 12/01/16 15:38:48,231 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Error: 11 "database disk image is malformed" 12/01/16 15:38:48,231 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Query: insert into clipboard (item, ts, app, apppath) values (?, ?, ?, ?) 12/01/16 15:38:48,231 Alfred 2[2601]: DB Path: /Users/dima/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Databases/clipboard.alfdb Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. Alfred Version v2.8.1 (425) OS X: Yosemite 10.10.5 When using the clipboard history, history/latest items are viewable. However, when I hit enter on an item to paste it, the latest item in the clipboard is always pasted.
  4. As a followup to my earlier workflow, here's a new one which uses the recently updated xkpasswd library, now known as Crypt::HSXKPasswd. It lets you generate secure, memorable passwords easily, directly to your clipboard for pasting into those signup forms. A variety of options are provided based on the presets used at xkpasswd.net. Details over on my blog.
  5. I just read and implemented your tip to create a workflow to paste from the clipboard as plain text, using a hotkey (I used Cmd + Shift + V as you suggested). I then tried the tip to "Tell Alfred which apps to ignore", and dragged TextEdit into the relevant well. This worked as described, and something I copied in TextEdit didn't appear in Alfred's Clipboard History viewer. But if I used the Cmd + Shift + V hotkey it was pasted — and then appeared in the history. Surely this isn't the behaviour you intended, since using the "paste as plain text" hotkey will inadvertently add the copied text from an app which Alfred's Clipboard is meant to be ignoring. I'd be interested to know what you think. Thanks
  6. What you were doing when the issue happened I was copying with command+c Whether you were able to replicate it Not on demand, but it happens frequently Include any screenshots that might help us sorry Include the version and build number from Alfred's General preferences (bottom left) 2.7.2 This bug has been present for quite some time, but because I disabled merging (because of the bug) I forgot about it. It occurs frequently when I hit command+c that the notification of fast append is happening even though I only hit command+c once (no double-tap). I love this feature and I used it a lot before this started happening.
  7. Software versions: iOS - 9.0.1 OS X - 10.11 Alfred - v2.8 (414) Alfred Remote - v1.1 I am trying to use a clipboard snippet on Remote to send text from my iPhone clipboard to my OS X clipboard. It's not sending the clipboard from iOS, but just putting my OS X clipboard into the snippet on my OS X clipboard. The clipboard snippet: here is clipboard: {clipboard} I do the following: 1. Copy text onto iOS clipboard 2. Open Alfred Remote 3. Tap my clipboard action (called "Clipboard") 4. "Clipboard - OK" appears in the upper right 5. Paste on my Mac into Sublime text editor 6. I see my snippet with the previous Mac clipboard text inserted ("here is clipboard: previous Mac clipboard") Am I doing something wrong here?
  8. When attempting to Show the Clipboard, is always blank
  9. Hi Team! I'm using alfred's clipboard/snipppet manager a lot and it is really great. But this bug regularly ruins my otherwise smooth workflow. I can reproduce this bug on two macs (iMac & Mac Mini) with two monitors each (bug requires dual monitor setup to occur). If I open two windows of the same App (in my case two iTerms, but it works with two windows of another App, too), then focus the window on my secondary screen and use alfred's clipboard manager to paste something into the window, it always pastes it in the window on the primary screen (the window that had no focus). My workaround: Move window to first screen, paste the text, move window to second screen - really anoying :/ This bug does not occur if .. : - I move both windows to one screen and have them shown side-by-side (even if both are on the secondary screen side-by-side) - I minimize one of the windows to the dock - I use the sytem-clipboard-paste function (CMD+V)
  10. Able to replicate: Yes, every time Alfred Version: Version 2.7.1, April 15, 2015 OS X Version: Version 10.10.4 Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new workflow by clicking the "+" button 2. Templates->Clipboard->Paste text clip from hotkey 3. Assign a hotkey 4. Open the block "Copy to clipboard" Enter any text you want to be pasted when invoking the hotkey Check "Automatically paste to front most app" 5. Save 6. Go to any text area or text app and invoke the hotkey 7. The text is copied in twice 8. Uncheck "Automatically paste to from most app" 9. Nothing is pasted, so I'm assuming there is no other script running which my account for the duplication You can see the steps to reproduce the issue here https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y3sexj02jir16r/Duplicate%20pasting.pdf?dl=0 Thanks so much for your help! Most appreciatively, -- Chad
  11. Hello all, Silly question: I'm using the clipboard manager frequently at the moment, and am jumping between recently used clips which store Bookends citations that I am inserting in Scrivener. Given that they are a bit cryptic, I don't want one that shouldn't be there (accidentally copied) popping up when I run a search in Alfred's clipboard manager. So... any way to 'remove' a clip from the Manager list? Is it maybe stored somewhere, for me to tinker with or something? Or am I missing a simple 'delete' option? Many thanks!
  12. Hi, I just tried creating a workflow that will copy a single tab character to the clipboard and paste it into the frontmost app. However, the Copy to Clipboard item's textbox will show me entering the tab character, but when I hit Save and then reopen that Output action, the tab character is gone. I'm guessing that textbox is trimming whitespace upon saving. Is there a way to force the tab character to persist? Thanks, T PS The reason I'm creating this workflow is to get around OSX on Chrome not recognizing Option + Tab, or other typical commands to force a tab in a text entry area.
  13. Hi there, I love the Clipboard History feature pretty much, but what's missing for me is an option to clear the history on restart of the computer. Maybe this option could be implemented in one of the upcomuing releases? Or at least we could have a 'presist for' option less than 24 hours? Cheers, Michael
  14. Hi I recently had to rebuild my iMac from scratch and restore it from Time Machine. Since doing so the clipboard capture feature no longer works. It is definitely turned on. It was really useful, how can I get it back? OSX 10.10 Alfred 2.7.1 (287)
  15. Hi all! I'm having a small but annoying issue. I just installed Alfred on my new work computer and the clipboard shortcut (when you type "clip" and space into the alfred window) isn't working. the keyboard shortcut for the clip center does work, but I prefer to use the clipboard shortcut to get there. I've tried deactivating/reactivating the shortcut, restarting the program, and restarting my computer, but those things haven't worked. Incidentally, the clip viewer also does not appear when I type "clip viewer." Perhaps it's related to the fact that because of work restrictions, I had to install Alfred to the "applications" folder under my user name, rather than in the main default applications folder?
  16. Ever since doing the last Yosemite update I cannot copy (at all) within the mac apps: textedit, safari, and a few others. When I do a copy of text it just never shows up in the Alfred clipboard. I attempted to copy the mac version from system info..let me type it out. OS X 10.10.2 (14C1510) Alfred v2.6 (374)
  17. Hi all! -- This may be a dumb question. I am trying out Derick Fay's "case converter" workflow, and I noticed that if I selected (say) "foo" and uppercased it, then whatever I had on my clipboard got thrown out and changed to "foo". So I tried making this simple hotkey that wasn't hooked up to anything: http://screencast.com/t/HI2Y6JicAx And I noticed that this, too, was wiping out my clipboard. I have two questions about this: 1. Is there any way to pass the "Selection in OS X" to a script *without* obliterating the clipboard? 2. Failing that, is there some way to access the *original* clipboard contents in my script, so that I can put that back on the clipboard when I'm done? ~ thanks! ~ =-peter
  18. Hi there~ first, watch this I've copied some text on VisualJSON (in Mac Appstore) or other applications too and paste to xcode, but paste doesn't work, but paste to other apps does work. It's only happening on XCode.
  19. The Alfred 2 Clipboard Manager stopped working for me last weekend. I keep copied textual content, but it won't appear in the manager's history. I have also removed the file ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Databases/clipboard.alfdb, restarted Alfred2, reinstalled Alfred2, but nothing seemed to work. What did I miss? EDIT: My Alfred2 build: v2.6 (374) Mac OS X build: 10.10.2
  20. Hey Alfred community, I have been DuckDuckGo'ing (and Googling) and reading posts on this forum for hours looking for an answer before posting what feels like a very noob question, but I couldn't find what I needed, so here goes... Is there a way to save the current clipboard to a variable in memory and then at the end of the workflow restore that variable to the current clipboard? I'm used to the logic of a programming languages where you would so something like this: $myVar = $CLIPBOARD; // save clipboard /* Do stuff that uses the clipboard */ $CLIPBOARD = $myVar; // restore clipboard OR.. Is there a way to swap clipboard history item #2 back to item #1 ? That might solve the problem as well. I know I can just use the clipboard history to get to the previous item and I know I could use a shell/script command to save the clipboard to a file and then bring that back. I'm just hoping there is a way to make it quick and easy and keeping the clipboard in memory is probably way faster and smarter if there is a way to do it. Thanks!
  21. There are no my clips with clipboard hotkey that i've copied after updating to yosemite 10.10.2 Only snippets show up in the list with the hotkey
  22. Hi If I load up the clipboard/snippet viewer it opens up and that's fine. At the top of the list I can open up a list of available snippets or I can click on one of the items in the list of clipboard items if I wish to. However, if I open the list of available snippets and then decide that I want to go back to the list of clipboard items instead how do I do that? I've tried all the keys I can think of to no avail and at the moment I have to press the esc key to close the pane and then toggle Alfred again. I'm sure there is another way of going back to the opening list that I have failed to find. Thanks, Q
  23. Is there a way to open an URL like this 'http://somesite.com/{clipboard}'?
  24. I just thought of this! My alfred prefs are saved in dropbox and are synced, so every workflow etc' are immediately updated! What if we could have the clipboard history saved there as well? That would mean immediate sync of clipboard and snippets!!! How cool would that be? UPDATE : just checked, and snippets are indeed synced! so just clipboard items then.
  25. OS X - v10.10.1 Alfred - v2.5.1 (308) [Powerpack] ----------------------------------------------- Opening up Clipboard Viewer is no longer showing my Clipboard History. All that appears in the Clipboard Viewer is "All Snippets" Troubleshooting Steps I've tried: Adding All Applications to "Ignore Apps" --> Then Reset Copying Strings in Different Applications (Safari, Notes, Mail etc..) Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Application Cache Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Rebuild OS X Metadata Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Knowledge Re-downloaded & Replaced Alfred Application
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